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Bot di Aggiunta Membri

This special Telegram Bot is a revolution for all group owners on Telegram:

Through it, in fact, it’s possible to completely automate the process of inviting members in groups, and much more!

–> Telegram Account generation system
Given a phone number, it will automatically generate a telegram account with Name, Surname, Username, BIO and so on
That number will automatically contact @SpamBot to get unblocked, and will join random public channels

–> Smart numbers management system
The system will register all numbers to reuse them, and will suspend them for timings that we studied in the last 6 months
Those times are the best ones, currently discovered, to reduce bans
Those “suspension” will be applied to numbers as soon as they are created, or when they first are registered in the bot, to be sure they have been unblocked from @SpamBot when trying to use them
It’s of course available a list of the added numbers, with the unblock date

–> Group scraping system, that will take the list of members in a public group according to certain filters

–> Automatic adding system to groups, studied and always updated
It takes a list of members and add a defined number of them in the target group Of course it needs to be possible to add members in that group

–> Automatic phone number adding system
The system will, every 1 or 2 hours, purchase automatically a number from @ThePhoneBot (if you have enough balance) and will create a new account with it

The bot will handle completely automatically the registration and management of phone numbers, using them with respect and thriftiness, to guarantee a high success rate, and a low ban numbers rate

We reached the record of 75’000 members added to groups with 0 bans!

Let’s see here some of its features:

An intuitive and simple menu, available in Italian and English, that will help the bot workflow, and avoids useless commands and time losses

The menu will show the following sections:

  • Adding of a new phone number, that will allow you to manually add a new number to the system
  • List of the phone numbers, that will give you a fast overview on the last 50 numbers “free” available in the system
  • Members Scraping, that will allow you to get a full list of active users from any public group on Telegram
  • Add members to group, the core feature, that will add certain number of members from a list of your choice in the group you want!
  • Send message, that will allow you to send a message to all users in a list
  • Automatic numbers purchase, that will purchase numbers from @ThePhoneBot completely automatically

The Automatic Members Adding system (and the messages sending one) will take in input the Group where you want to inser the members (or the message you want to send to all members), the number of members to invite (or to send the messages to) and the List of users where the bot will take the usernames from.

Those list can be provided manually, or generated automatically using the scraping system provided with the bot

As soon as it starts, the system will remove automatically the users that already are in the group, and will start with the smart adding

As soon as the adding ends, the bot will send you the list of members not added to the group, so you can reuse it.

Bot success rate is guarantted, if the bot tells you that 300 members have been added, or 100 messages have been sent, it’s exactly the correct number.

This is a sample message sending procedure. It supports all kind of emojis and message formatting

Do you need any other informations, and want to know more?Contact ME!

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