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Our main skills

PHP (Pure, Laravel, Lumen, CodeIgniter)
Development of PHP applications
SQL (Postgre, MySQL) and DBMS
Creation and management of relational databases
TELEGRAM (Knowledge, API, Ambient)
Knowledge of the ambient and applications development
REST API (Usage, Creation, Handling)
Knowledge of the ambient and applications development
Development of simple web applications in javascript / jQuery
Angular, AngularJS, React
Development of complex front-end web applications

Who are we?

AlexDev is a software and Telegram bot development agency created by Alessandro Visintainer , primarily   backend structures and systems developer from Trentino

We are mainly specialized in  Bot Telegram development, Database and Server management, IT Analysis and Consulting.

Since 2015 we are working on the Telegram messaging platform in   Bots and Userbot development, and we started some years ago developing web applications, with management systems and advanced tools for agencies and private customers

With over 3000 happy customers, and high profile bots developed, we are one of the best known and trusted development teams in the environment

Our skills vary through various environments, and we know   PHP, C++, Python, Angular, AngularJS, React, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, Mysql   and many other programming languages, but we reported here our primary ones

The environment in which we are specialized is Design, Creation, Management and Development of Telegram Bots  

Telegram Chatbots have many potentialities: Updates notifications, processes automation, notify e-commerce customers, keep in contact companies and consumers, and much more.

Does your company need a telegram chatbot? Let’s find out together!

After a small discussion, we will be able to help you understand what a Telegram Bot can do for you

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