Our main skills

PHP Systems Development
Development of complex PHP / LARAVEL Applications
TELEGRAM (Knowledge, API, Ambient)
Knowledge of the ambient and applications development
Scraping Systems
Automatic data gathering through Scraping
Process analysys and management
Business analysys and custom software production
REST API (Usage, Creation, Handling)
REST API Applications development, or external APIs integration

Who are we?

AlexDev is a software production and Telegram bot development company founded by Alessandro Visintainer, a Trentino developer specialized in backend systems and structures.

Telegram Bot Development

We specialize in the development of Automation and Management information systems, particularly in the form of Telegram Bots, Server and Database management, Analysis and IT Consulting.

We started the business in 2015 through the messaging platform Telegram in the development of Bots and Userbots, but since a few years we have reached the world of Web development, with AdvancedManagementSystems for companies and individuals.

Our Specialization

With thousands of satisfied customers, and high-profile bots made, we are among the most recognized and reliable Development Teams in the environment.

The area in which we specialize is the Design, Creation, Management and Development of Process Automation Systems, which can range from the Automation of Instagram Groups to the Automation of Invoicing and Product Management, Information Scraping Systems and more

Does your company need an automation system? Let’s find out together!

After a small discussion, we will be able to help you figure out what we can accomplish for you, decreasing the workload of your business by allowing you to focus on what really matters!


Would you like to simplify your work by automating a process?