My main Skills

PHP (Pure, Laravel, Lumen, CodeIgniter)
Development of PHP applications
SQL (Postgre, MySQL) and DBMS
Creation and management of relational databases
TELEGRAM (Knowledge, API, Ambient)
Knowledge of the ambient and applications development
REST API (Usage, Creation, Handling)
Knowledge of the ambient and applications development
Development of simple web applications in javascript / jQuery
Angular, AngularJS, React
Development of complex front-end web applications

Who am I?

My name is Alessandro Visintainer, but I’m known in the sector as AlexDev.

I am an Information Technology student in Department of information engineering and computer science, and I graduated at the Scientific Lyceum G. Galilei in Trento.

I am a Free-Lance developer from Trento, developer of Systems and Structures mainly back-end, specialized in Telegram Bot development, database handling, analysis and IT consultancy

Since 2015 I’ve been working on Telegram in Bot ed Userbot development, and from 2019 I joined Strikeweb as Web Developer.

With over 3000 satisfied customers, and high profile bots created, I’m one of the most known and trusted developers in the sector.

My skills vary through many environments, and I know PHP, C++, Python, Angular, AngularJS, React, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, Mysql, e many other programming languages, but I listed here the main ones

My specialization sector is the Projecting, Creation, Management and Development of Telegram Bots.

Telegram Chatbots have many potentialities: Updates notifications, processes automation, notify e-commerce customers, keep in contact companies and consumers, and much more.

Does your company need a telegram chatbot? Let’s find out together!

After a small talk, I’ll be able to help you understanding what a Telegram Bot could do for you

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