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Virtual Numbers on Telegram: ThePhoneBot

Protect your privacy thanks to ThePhoneBot, the Telegram bot that allows you to get Virtual Numbers in a simple and cheap way!

Thanks to ThePhoneBot’s virtual numbers you can activate accounts on any website without having to provide your personal phone number!

You can use them for Telegram, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google and much more!

Bot di Aggiunta Automatica

Scraping, Adding and Sending Bot

One of the most complex and powerful bots I’ve ever developed is the hugely popular Scraping, Adding, and Sending Members Bot, which can get active member lists from groups, add them to other groups, send them messages, and much more.

HostImgBot | Upload online your images directly through Telegram

@HostIMGbot is a public and free service that will allow you, in a super-simple way, to upload online a photo in a remote server, where it’ll remain until the cancelation that you will be able to request in the bot. You’ll get a useful link with SSL Security Certificate that… Read More »HostImgBot | Upload online your images directly through Telegram

ThePhoneBot | Purchase Activations and VoIPs on Telegram

@ThePhoneBot is the first and only completely automated system that allows you to purchase phone numbers directly on Telegram, to activate accounts of your favorite services You can purchase numbers of any region and nationality, and for any desired service, for example Netflix, Amazon, Telegram, Whatsapp, Instagram, and many others… Read More »ThePhoneBot | Purchase Activations and VoIPs on Telegram


RockstarCaptionBot is a Telegram Tool created to help formatting Instagram Captions Sent a message, the bot will reply with a message formatted with spaces replaced with a special character, that will force instagram to keep that format during the photo upload