DevLog Inizio 2024

DevLog Early 2024 – Threads, Security, Backups, and New Scraping Systems.

Welcome to the preview of our DevLog Early 2024, where we offer a glimpse of the significant developments and challenges faced by our company in recent months. In this article, we explore a number of improvements and innovations that are shaping the future of our technology environment and the services we offer.

Learn how we have upgraded our infrastructure with migration to more advanced servers and a revamped backup system to ensure data security and reliability. We will also dive into the exciting world of new features offered by Meta’s Threads platform, now integrated into EngageBot.PRO and AlexAPI, expanding the possibilities of interaction and analysis for our users.

We will also explore our efforts in developing new scraping systems, focusing on reviews and profiles on TrustPilot and Google, and how these tools can open new avenues in data analysis. Finally, we will address a current issue on Instagram and how we are working to mitigate its impact on our services.

This DevLog Early 2024 is a testament to our ongoing journey of growth and innovation, always focused on improving our customers’ experience and staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Please read the full article for a detailed discussion of these developments and more.

Server Improvements: Aiming for Speed and Reliability

Server Improvements: Aiming for Speed and Reliability

In this DevLog Early 2024, we focus on the significant step forward in our technology infrastructure: the migration to more powerful servers. This change represents not only a hardware upgrade, but a transformation in data management and operations. With advanced servers, we ensure superior performance, speeding up and making interactions with our system more reliable.

Consistency in data is a key priority, and with the new servers we ensure greater integrity and consistency. Every piece of information is handled with the utmost precision, a vital aspect for those dealing with large volumes of data.

An essential part of this improvement involves optimizing our databases. We have refined management through query and index optimization, improving data retrieval and resource management. This not only increases the speed of the system, but also improves the overall user experience.

A fast and optimized database is crucial to providing excellent service. By reducing waiting time, we improve operational efficiency and build a solid reputation for reliability and performance.

These technological advancements not only strengthen our infrastructure but also open the way for new opportunities, keeping us at the forefront of the technological landscape. We look forward to the future with enthusiasm, ready to take on new challenges and explore new horizons.

Backup System: Reliability and Innovation in DevLog Beginning 2024

Backup System: Reliability and Innovation in DevLog Beginning 2024

In our DevLog Early 2024, we proudly announce a significant advance in data management: the introduction of a more powerful and reliable backup system. This new system, which requires ad-hoc configuration for each project, represents a fundamental change in the way we protect our clients’ data, offering significantly higher recoverability than the previous system.

The adoption of this advanced technology is not only a technical improvement, but reflects our commitment to ensuring maximum data security. With this system, we can customize protection for each client, ensuring that every aspect of data security is taken care of with the utmost care and precision. This tailored approach allows us to respond more effectively to the specific needs of each project, offering backup solutions that are as robust as they are flexible.

One of the most critical aspects of this new system, which we highlight in our DevLog Early 2024, is its ability to ensure exceptional data recoverability. In emergency situations, such as hardware failures or computer incidents, the ability to restore data quickly becomes vital. This new system minimizes the risk of data loss and ensures that business operations can continue without significant delays or interruptions.

Investing in a top-notch backup system is a demonstration of our commitment to the security and trust of our customers. In DevLog Early 2024, we reiterate the importance of protecting data, considered one of the most valuable assets in today’s digital world. This system not only keeps data securely, but also ensures operational continuity and efficiency, which are crucial to the success and resilience of our clients’ businesses.

In conclusion, moving to a more advanced backup system is a key element in our improvement and innovation journey, as outlined in the DevLog Beginning 2024. This step forward not only strengthens our technology infrastructure but also reaffirms our commitment to building a future in which data security and reliability are always at the forefront.

Innovations with Threads in DevLog Early 2024

Innovations with Threads in DevLog Early 2024

We are pleased to announce in our DevLog Early 2024 a major development: the launch of our project for Meta’s Threads platform, now available on EngageBot.PRO and AlexAPI. This step represents a significant expansion of our capabilities, giving users unprecedented access to a range of features on Threads.

Con questa innovazione, gli utenti possono ora effettuare controlli sui threads, accedere ai dati, e interagire con profili threads, liste di thread, risposte e reposts. These new features represent a step forward in social media analysis and interaction, offering deeper understanding and greater agility in the use of data.

In our DevLog Start 2024, we also want to emphasize our commitment to continuous improvements. We are currently working to implement the “Like” access feature on Threads, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to bringing the best solutions to our customers.

In addition, eachuser with a subscription to EngageBot.PRO or AlexApi can access these new features at no additional cost. This policy is an example of our desire to provide ongoing value to our customers by making new technologies accessible and an integral part of the existing subscription.

In conclusion, this update in our DevLog Early 2024 is an important step toward enriching interactions and deepening understanding of social media. We will continue to work to bring innovations and improvements that keep the needs of our users at the center of our priorities.

New Scraping Systems

New Scraping Systems

In our ongoing innovation effort, highlighted in DevLog Early 2024, we are devoting ourselves to the development of new scraping systems. These systems are designed to collect data more effectively, offering our users advanced tools for analyzing and using the information. Among our most recent initiatives, two projects of particular note stand out: a scraper for reviews and profiles on TrustPilot and one for reviews and profiles on Google.

These new scraping tools represent a step forward in our ability to provide detailed and useful data. With the scraper for TrustPilot, users will be able to access reviews and profile information, thus gaining valuable insights into customer perceptions and experiences. This tool will be especially useful for companies seeking to monitor and improve their online reputation.

Similarly, the scraper for Google will offer the ability to collect reviews and details on company profiles, allowing in-depth analysis of customer perceptions and online visibility. This data can be critical to companies’ marketing and positioning strategies in the digital landscape.

In our DevLog Early 2024, we are keen to emphasize that these new scraping systems are under development and that we are actively working to ensure their effectiveness. Our goal is to provide tools that not only collect useful data, but do so ethically and responsibly.

The introduction of these scraping technologies in DevLog Early 2024 marks another step in our mission to offer cutting-edge solutions. We will continue to invest in technologies that empower our customers by providing them with the tools they need to analyze, understand, and act on the data they collect.

With these developments, we reinforce our commitment to remain at the forefront of data analytics, ensuring that our customers always have access to the most innovative and effective solutions available on the market.

Instagram Issues and Resolutions

Instagram Issues and Resolutions

In our Early 2024 DevLog, we want to bring to your attention a specific issue that is affecting Instagram users and affecting our services, particularly EngageBot.PRO. This is a problem detected on the Instagram platform where, under certain circumstances, interactions such as likes or comments on a photo appear visible only to the profile that posted the photo and not to other users, even after several days.

This anomalous behavior on Instagram has a direct impact on our monitoring tools, as interactions that are not publicly visible cannot be detected by our bots. As a result, some features of EngageBot.PRO may not work as expected under these circumstances.

In DevLog Early 2024, we assure our users that we are committed to finding alternative solutions to address this issue. However, considering that the issue is intrinsic to the Instagram platform, we believe that the most practical solution at the moment is to wait for the problem to be fixed by Instagram itself. We are following the situation closely and maintaining an open dialogue with Instagram to monitor progress toward a resolution.

In conclusion, in our DevLog Early 2024 we would like to express our commitment to support our users despite the challenges posed by factors outside our control. We will continue to work diligently to ensure that our services remain efficient and reliable, despite ongoing issues on external platforms.

DevLog Early 2024

As we come to the end of this DevLog Early 2024, we want to take a moment to reflect on the innovations and challenges we have shared. This period has been significant for our company, marked by major strides in technological development and improvement of our services.

We have seen the evolution of our servers, the introduction of more robust backup systems, the launch of new features with Threads, the development of advanced scraping systems, and we have faced challenges posed by external problems such as those encountered on Instagram. Each step, whether an advancement or a challenge, represents our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence.

Our goal remains to provide state-of-the-art solutions and high-quality service to our customers. In doing so, we always keep in mind the importance of adapting and evolving in a technological environment that is constantly changing.

We look to the future with optimism, ready to welcome new challenges and opportunities. In our journey toward continuous innovation, we will strive to keep our customers at the center of everything we do, ensuring that their needs and expectations are always our top priority.

Thank you for following our updates in this DevLog Beginning 2024. We are excited about what the future holds for us and our customers, and we look forward to sharing with you the next steps in this exciting journey.

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