ThePhoneBot | Purchase Activations and VoIPs on Telegram

@ThePhoneBot is the first and only completely automated system that allows you to purchase phone numbers directly on Telegram, to activate accounts of your favorite services

You can purchase numbers of any region and nationality, and for any desired service, for example Netflix, Amazon, Telegram, Whatsapp, Instagram, and many others

If the included services are not enough, you can purchase an OTHER number that will allow you to activate any external service

How does it work?

After choosing nationality and the service of the number you want to purchase, you will get your phone number directly in the bot.

After using your number, you will get in a couple of seconds the SMS directly in your chat with the bot, and you will be able to use it to activate your System

WARNING: For every phone number you can get one and only one SMS, and the number will belong exclusively to you: no one else will ever get the same number for the same service.

The bot is available also in MULTI-LANGUAGE VERSION, and you will be able to earn free credit by inviting your friends!

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