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EngageBot.PRO now allows to publish stories in your groups, with an advanced and innovative checking procedure.

This feature is COMPLETELY FREE and included in your standard EngageBot.PRO subscription

How does the Story Views Checking work?

For each story inside the list, the users will be redirected automatically to a special EngageBot.PRO page, where they will be able to insert their instagram username.

After inserting their instagram username, they will be redirected automatically to the Official Instagram Application , that will automatically open up the Story they should watch.

This way, the bot will be sure at least at 90% that the user actually watched the story (or more stories under the same profile), and will register that action in our database.

After viewing all the stories, the user will be able to post in the group his own story link, proceding with the “Posting Procedure”, that will be formatted how used by EngageBot.PRO

How can I activate the Story Checking feature?

Activating the Story Checking feature is super easy: While adding a new group (or reconfiguring a pre-existing one), you just need to select from the “Group Type” menu the “Story Views Exchange” type.

Activating the Story Checking won’t have any extra cost compared to your normal subscription, and will consume the same number of requests usually consumed for a “Like” checking (much cheaper than a comments one!)

Be careful though, there are some notes you should keep in mind:

  • Eventual Extra Checks regarding “photo“, won’t be performed
  • All preceding posts of the “photos” type won’t be shown in the list, but will continue to exists in statistics and in the “photos table” page
  • With the enabled “Story Views Checking” feature, you must have enabled the “Format Replacement” feature.
  • You won’t be able to use the “Autodrop” feature
  • You won’t be able to add manually a story to the pending list (for now)

What are you waiting for to create your Views Exchange Group?

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