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Publishing updates on services, system upgrades, maintenance and new features

DevLog May 2022

DevLog May 2022

Within this DevLog May 2022 we are going to analyze some of the most important updates that we have applied in this last period.

We have updated our cryptocurrency bots, improved the AlexPay server by rehabilitating the BTC, DOGE, DASH and LTC nodes, and (above all) worked on the New Instagram Updates that have kept us quite busy in recent weeks.

We’ve also updated our member add-on bot system, with multiple checks and database optimizations

EngageBot Rewards Bot

Bot Rewards EngageBot.PRO

Reward users for participating in your engagement groups with points and free rewards!

The Rewards Bot EngageBot.PRO is connected via the APIs, and will award points whenever a user posts correctly within one of your engagement groups.

By launching the bot you can spend your points to buy premium photos, or whatever you want to integrate!

They can also buy points through Stripe or Cryptocurrencies, helping you monetize your groups even more!

EngageBot Updates April 2022

Within these April 2022 EngageBot Updates we have dedicated ourselves to improving existing features, making them easier to use and faster, and we have been greatly absorbed by the new developments of Instagram.

Within this article you will find improvements related to the Saves control, the management of support tickets, the dividers for keyboards, the control “only verified profiles”, instagram hidden likes count, proxies, and much more!


DevLog April 2022

Within this DevLog April 2022 we are going to analyze some of the most important updates that we have applied in this last period.

We’ve developed new features, improved the performance of our servers, and made incredible discoveries!

If you want to keep up to date with changes to our hashtag control bots, engagebotpro, like and comment control bots, docker systems and more, you can’t miss this article!

Aggiornamenti pannelli cryptovalute

Update Cryptocurrency Bot Panels

We have made some useful and interesting updates to our CryptoCurrency panels, including:

– Resolution deleting inline buttons
– New variable {ref} to locate affiliate levels
– Optimizations and improvements
– Deposits and Wallets update for panel
These updates (or some of them) have been applied to the following panels:

Investment Bot Creator

Block.IO Bot Creator

Coinbase Bot Creator

Mining Bot Creator

Coinbase Mining Bot Creator

Aggiornamenti Instagram e nuovi sistemi di controllo

Aggiornamenti Instagram e Sistemi di Controllo

Durante quest’ultimo periodo Instagram ha effettuato vari aggiornamenti di sistema, andando a modificare il funzionamento delle ricerche Follower, Following, ed Hashtag.

Ci siamo messi al lavoro per produrre il prima possibile una serie di aggiornamenti che risolvessero le problematiche, e migliorassero la qualità dei controlli.

Sicurezza Server ed Aggiornamenti

Infrastructure and Security Update

To start the new year in the best possible way, the AlexDev team focused on carrying out an Infrastructure and Security Update, to ensure the highest quality and stability for all customers.

In the course of this update we have:

– Periodically updated all passwords of users with access to databases, to protect us from any leaks
– Updated database tables to be aligned with new Telegram updates, with IDs greater than 32 bits
– Migrated numerous systems from the old Eindhoven infrastructure to the new Hetzner infrastructure
– Integrated a new firewall and improved AntiDDoS protection
– Updated the operating system of all machines, and the various software packages

This article will serve to briefly summarize all the changes, giving some details about the updates made