DevLog Luglio 2023

July 2023 DevLog – Threads, Multi-Social and EngageBot.PRO

In this July 2023 DevLog, we have shared a series of significant updates related to our automation services. Faced with the challenge presented by the recent Instagram update that reduced the maximum limit of controllable likes, we developed new technologies to increase this limit again to 1,000 likes. This change is currently being tested and we hope to make it available to everyone in the future.

We also discussed the arrival of Threads, Meta’s new platform. We are working to integrate Threads into our services, including the EngageBot.PRO system and our custom tools. We invite our community to share their ideas and suggestions for this integration and help us create solutions that meet their needs.

Our automation bot for Amazon deals, AutoDealsBot, underwent major updates this month. It is now available in English and can post deals from more than 10 different Amazon stores. We will continue to discuss these developments in a future detailed article.

Finally, we have made a number of other updates, including expanding the functionality of our automation systems for creating Telegram numbers and sending WhatsApp messages. We also improved the entire social structure of EngageBot.PRO.

These are just a few of the many updates we are working on for August, and we look forward to sharing more in our next DevLog.

Facing Challenges: Navigating through Instagram Updates and Optimizing Engagement

It is with a spirit of adaptability and progress that we adapt to the new realities of the digital world, and we want to convey this to you in our July 2023 DevLog.

As many of you know, an Instagram update imposed restrictions that reduced the maximum number of “likes” that can be checked on a photo from 1,000 to 500.

This news, which we communicated in a past DevLog (find the link to the article here), involved a challenge that spurred us to push further.

However, we did not remain inert in the face of this challenge.
In fact, we used this as an opportunity to innovate further.

DevLog July 2023 - Finally over 500 likes

July 2023 DevLog – Finally over 500 Likes

We are pleased to announce that by taking advantage of new technologies we have discovered and developed, we are working to double this limit again and bring it back to the level of 1,000 likes.

This change is currently in private beta, where it is being tested intensively in several of our systems.

Our goal is to ensure that every change we implement helps improve your experience and increase your visibility.

We promise to keep you updated on the progress of this implementation, with the hope of making it available to everyone in the near future.

Keep following our DevLog for more updates and exciting new innovations.

Making the Most of Meta’s New ‘Threads’ Platform: A Commitment to the Community for Upcoming Integrations

With the advent of new horizons in the social media landscape, it is essential to stay abreast of innovation.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook Inc. recently launched a new platform called ‘Threads’.

This platform, which is closely interconnected with Instagram, serves as a hub for personalized conversations, allowing users to maintain closer and more direct contact with their followers.

Through Threads, users can share photos, videos, messages and status updates with their inner circle of friends on Instagram, thus creating a more personalized and intimate content stream.
The goal of Threads is to provide a more authentic and immediate sharing experience.

DevLog July 2023 - Threads available on EngageBot.PRO

July 2023 DevLog – Threads on EngageBot.PRO

Given the potential of Threads, we are already working to integrate this new platform into our services, including the EngageBot.PRO system and our custom tools.

However, to realize a service that truly meets your needs, we need YOUR input!

We are interested to know what you would like to see in our future integration with Threads.

What functions would you like to monitor in your groups? What actions would you like a bot connected to Threads to be able to perform?

Your voice is critical in helping us develop solutions that offer you the greatest value. We therefore invite all our users to participate in this conversation so that we can create the future of social media automation together.

AutoDealsBot’s Global Expansion: New Updates for Amazon’s Automated Deals.

This month, we have been working hard to make our AutoDealsBot service, Amazon’s deals automation bot, even more versatile and available to a wider audience.

Known for its ability to automatically post the best deals in Amazon channels, AutoDealsBot is now ready to conquer the international market.

We are pleased to announce that AutoDealsBot is now available in English, thus extending its scope far beyond the borders of Italy.

DevLog July 2023 - AutoDealsBot multi-language

July 2023 DevLog – Multi-Nation AutoDealsBot

Ma non ci siamo fermati qui: il bot è ora in grado di pubblicare offerte provenienti da oltre 10 store Amazon diversi, inclusi Amazon Italia, Amazon Germania, Amazon Regno Unito, Amazon Spagna, e molti altri.

We are preparing a detailed article to discuss all these updates, which will be available to everyone soon.

The article will provide an in-depth analysis of how these new developments can improve your shopping experience with AutoDealsBot.

Are you looking forward to learning more about AutoDealsBot and how it can make your Amazon shopping experience more efficient and effective?

You can read our full article HERE. We are sure you will be just as excited about these updates as we are!

Continuous Updates and Innovations: The Next Step for Our Automations

In this month, our dedication to innovation and progress has not stopped.

Oltre ai progetti di cui abbiamo già parlato, ci siamo impegnati in una serie di altri aggiornamenti significativi, ampliando le capacità dei nostri sistemi di automazione per la creazione di numeri Telegram e l’invio di messaggi WhatsApp.

These tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated, constantly improving your automation experience.

In addition, we reviewed and improved the entire social structure of EngageBot.PRO, resolving a number of issues that had arisen, and preparing it for Threads.

Our priority is to ensure that our services run smoothly and without interruption, so we have focused on removing any obstacles that might compromise your experience.

However, there is still much to talk about, and many interesting projects are in the works for August.

We look forward to sharing all the news with you in our upcoming August 2023 DevLog!

July 2023 DevLog Conclusion

Thank you for following our DevLogdiJuly 2023.

As always, we appreciate your dedication and support in following our constant evolution.

We are excited to bring these innovations to your automation experience and look forward to sharing our future progress in the coming month.
Until next time, stay tuned and keep innovating with us

Thank you for following our July DevLog. As always, we appreciate your dedication and support in following our constant evolution. We are excited to bring these innovations to your automation experience and look forward to sharing our future progress in the coming month. Until next time, stay tuned and keep innovating with us.!

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