DevLog February 2023 – EngageBot Updates and New Features.

In this February 2023 DevLog, we have dedicated ourselves to developing several new features for EngageBot.PRO and all of our Instagram bots.

Within this article we will discuss only the major updates that have been made, focusing in particular on the most useful new features that we have integrated.

All the features we will discuss are included free of charge for all our clients, depending on the service!

Of course, we remind all of you that you can request new features simply by contacting us or commenting in the official channel!

EngageBot.PRO – Enhancements, Updates and New Features.

Within this portion of the article we are going to look in detail at some of the enhancements we have applied to EngageBot.PRO, along with the new features we have made for you, some by request, and some made ad-hoc as needed.

Many of the updates we will discuss throughout the article may seem “technical” and meaningless, but fear not: ALL OF THE UPDATES MADE WILL ALLOW US TO EXTEND EngageBot.PRO by leaps and bounds as we continue to add new features!

Restructuring user and group management

DevLog February 2023 - Admonition management table

We have restructured the internal operation of association between Users and Groups, in order to save and maintain more information useful for your Statistics.

Among this data, we are now saving Last Post Posted in a specific group, Last List Requested within that group, and Last Successful Post.

This will make it possible to analyze and manage users who are inactive for long periods, and act accordingly.

For uniformity and ease of management, we have moved the entire management of Warnings within this same table, thus removing the warns table.

We have migrated all users from their previous respective tables to this single management table, and we have integrated the functionality to collect such statistical data, which, as you will see, is already being used within some new features.

Restructuring warnings management

DevLog February 2023 - Advanced Warnings Management

We have standardized the Warns and User Ban functionality, better managing admonition messages, and integrated it into numerous other sections (see upcoming updates!).

We have also improved the warn management interface and translations of error messages.

Changes to sections and error messages

DevLog February 2023 - Error Message Separation.

We have significantly restructured the handling of errors and warnings to incorporate new features and make it easier to use.

To begin with, we have separated the handling of errors and error messages to facilitate simplified handling of both sections.

In the “Error Management” section, all the settings for turning individual errors on and off will be available, i.e., all the checks that the system makes based on the situation.

Instead, in the “Error Messages” section, all settings related to Error Messages will be available, with keyboards, message replacement, and so on.

We have also improved the translations of various errors to make them easier to understand.

New on-error warning feature

DevLog February 2023 - Error handling with warnings

We have integrated a very useful new feature:

For each type of automated error, it will also be possible to AUTOMATICALLY WARN the user who made that error.

This will serve to entice users to improve their behavior by stopping making the mistakes themselves (rather than simply eliminating them automatically)

New error: Did not request list

DevLog February 2023 - Warning for List

We have added the ability to warn and block users from posting if they have not requested an updated list within the last X minutes (customizable!)

Why do it?

If a user tries to post, but has never requested the list, it means that he or she has definitely not interacted with the other photos on the list, and therefore it would just be a waste of requests!

If, on the other hand, the user requested the list but a long time ago, it is likely that it is no longer up-to-date, and therefore has not interacted with the new photos.

Through this error, you will be able to warn him (or even optionally warn him) if he is trying to post under these conditions!

Integrated double ban-checking

DevLog February 2023 - New error for banned users

We have integrated a double check within the system to check the status of a user.

Users were often banned within the group, but not within the bot, so they continued to appear as banned

Thanks to this update, users banned in the bot will be re-banned within the group if they try to join and post.

This update will be critical to be able to handle the multi-group bans we are working on!

So with this update we have integrated a Customizable Message to be able to announce the presence of a ban on the user.

DevLog February 2023 – Improved Pending List Management

We improved the management of the pending list and its automatic process, solving a problem that was forcing people to wait 1 hour between processes.

We also fixed a small issue that occurred when the “show full image” was active.

Finally, we have improved the frequency of updating the waiting list, which now works faster and more efficiently.

Automatic Electronic Invoicing

We have included, both in EngageBot.PRO and within other automated systems, the ability to enter PEC or SDI to issue an automated electronic invoice and such sending.

This will make it possible for Companies and Individuals with VAT numbers to automatically receive electronic invoices.

NOTE: We always issue electronic invoices for all payments, whether requested or not, in compliance with applicable laws. The integration of PEC and SDI is only to facilitate reception by the Client.

DevLog February 2023 – Improved Additions Bot Database Management.

We have greatly improved the functionality of our Adder Bot to cope with the pejorative updates made by Telegram in this last period.

We first improved the interaction of the Database with the Server and sessions, promoting system speed and improved retry management.

We have also updated the Library we use for session management to the very latest version, and we are hard at work on new optimizations and improvements

We hope that our commitment and dedication can help improve the operation of our system as soon as possible!

DevLog February 2023 Conclusion

We wish you all a Happy time, and all the best!

We hope these updates will help you in the management of your Groups

See you soon, AlexDev

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