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June 2024 DevLog – SocialScraper.PRO, Twitter, and TikTok

Welcome to the June 2024 DevLog, where we are excited to share with you the latest innovations and updates to our platforms. This month has been particularly rich in significant developments aimed at enhancing user experience and boosting the capabilities of our services. Firstly, AlexAPI has undergone a complete rebranding and is now known as SocialScraper.PRO. This change is not just a name update; it includes a new graphical interface that makes data access faster and easier. We have redesigned the dashboard to improve navigation and introduced an automatic request calculator to better manage costs and resources. In addition, we have integrated the Twitter Control API, allowing access to a wide range of data on Twitter/X. Fully updated documentation is available to help users make the most of these new capabilities. In parallel, our work on the TikTok and Twitter APIs has achieved remarkable results. TikTok's API is in final development, while Twitter's API is ready for Beta Testing. We are integrating these APIs into EngageBot.PRO, allowing the creation of Twitter Engagement Groups at no additional cost. This new feature will enhance the interaction and visibility of content on Twitter, offering advanced tools to manage social media more effectively. EngageBot.PRO has also received several updates aimed at improving the user experience. We have introduced new notification management with the ability to receive email alerts and real-time push notifications through Firebase. Threads, after several updates, is now officially released and out of the Beta phase. In addition, we added new customizable error messages and a new view-to-post control for Instagram, which uses a tracking link to monitor the opening of posts. Finally, we upgraded the programming language to PHP 8.3, improving code performance and stability by refactoring and using new libraries such as Doctrine. These updates demonstrate our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for social media automation and management. We are confident that the new features and improvements introduced this month will help significantly improve our users' experience and the effectiveness of their projects. Thank you for following us on this journey of continuous innovation. We hope you will find these updates useful and look forward to seeing how you use them in your own projects. Happy reading!
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February 2024 DevLog

Welcome to AlexDev's February 2024 DevLog, where the digital innovation frontier continues to expand with new and exciting features. This month, we focused our efforts on significant updates that touch several aspects of our platform, improving social media interaction, data analytics, and online group security. We have enhanced the experience on Instagram with improvements in comment tracking, providing unprecedented accuracy. We have also expanded our horizons with a sophisticated scraping system for Google Maps and Google Businesses, providing our users with a powerful tool for analysis and marketing. EngageBot.PRO has been strengthened to offer superior protection against bot attacks, a crucial step in maintaining the integrity and security of online interactions. In addition, we have optimized our Instagram account management system, ensuring smooth management aligned with the social network's latest features.
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DevLog Inizio 2024

DevLog Early 2024 – Threads, Security, Backups, and New Scraping Systems.

Welcome to the preview of our DevLog Early 2024, where we offer a glimpse of the significant developments and challenges faced by our company in recent months. In this article, we explore a number of improvements and innovations that are shaping the future of our technology environment and the services we offer. Learn how we have upgraded our infrastructure with migration to more advanced servers and a revamped backup system to ensure data security and reliability. We will also dive into the exciting world of new features offered by Meta's Threads platform, now integrated into EngageBot.PRO and AlexAPI, expanding the possibilities of interaction and analysis for our users. We will also explore our efforts in developing new scraping systems, focusing on reviews and profiles on TrustPilot and Google, and how these tools can open new avenues in data analysis. Finally, we will address a current issue on Instagram and how we are working to mitigate its impact on our services. This DevLog Early 2024 is a testament to our ongoing journey of growth and innovation, always focused on improving our customers' experience and staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Please read the full article for a detailed discussion of these developments and more.
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Threads in PUBLIC BETA on EngageBot.PRO

Dear EngageBot.PRO users, We are excited to share with you an exciting new development: the introduction of Threads of Meta to our family of features! The official launch on December 14, 2023, opened the door for us to a wide range of new interactions and involvement. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that you can create and manage Threads-specific Engagement Groups, giving you detailed control over profiles, links, posts, comments, and reposts on this platform. All of this is now available to you, included in your standard EngageBot.PRO subscription! However, since it is still in "beta" stage, we kindly ask you to share any feedback or problems you may encounter. Discover these new features and start creating engagement on Threads with EngageBot.PRO! Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being part of our innovation adventure! The EngageBot.PRO team
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DevLog September 2023 – API Threads, New Automations, 2FA and EngageBot Updates.

Welcome inside our universe of technological innovation with the September 2023 edition of our DevLog. In this article, we will guide you through a journey of discovery spanning the latest milestones and exciting developments in the AlexDev world. This month, our team has devoted extraordinary energy to researching and implementing advanced browser automation technologies. This new frontier has enabled us to overcome the limits of traditional automation, opening the way to a whole new world of possibilities. Imagine being able to automate not only API calls, but having a real browser that acts authentically, browsing, clicking and interacting with the Web exactly as a real user would. This is the power of browser automation, and we have already seen its potential with our BetFair automation tool. But it doesn't end there. We also welcomed Meta Threads, successfully integrating it into EngageBot.PRO. This platform, closely related to Instagram, promises to be a revolution in social automation. It is a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with access to leading-edge solutions. And as we continue to revolutionize the world of automation, we cast a glance into the future with the possible integration of the TikTok API. This could be a momentous breakthrough, allowing us to check likes, comments and interactions on this popular platform. While we cannot yet confirm the timing, we do know that the future is bright. Our mission to constantly improve our services is not limited to automation. We have also made significant updates to our member addition system, making it more secure and efficient than ever before. The ability to automatically enable 2FA, import sessions with 2FA enabled, and ensure maximum security with auto-logout represent a step forward in account management. Last but not least, we made fundamental technical improvements. Restructuring the website cache has resulted in smoother and faster navigation, while server and database upgrades have consolidated the stability of our ecosystem. This summary is just a preview of what awaits you in this September 2023 DevLog. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of innovation, advanced automation, and continuous growth? So sit back and get ready for an exciting journey into the future of technology with AlexDev.
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August 2023 DevLog – EngageBot Multi-Social and Automation.

In this densely productive month, AlexDev has made great strides in its innovation mission. One of the key initiatives was the evolution of EngageBot.PRO, transforming the previously Instagram-focused platform into a multisocial tool. Now, with the ability to manage platforms like Twitter and TikTok, we are poised to revolutionize the way users interact and grow in their respective social networks. One of the challenges faced was the limitation placed by Telegram on the account creation system, however, we were not deterred. With determination, we introduced a sophisticated session import system, thereby enhancing the functionality of adding members and overcoming imposed barriers. Integration with WhatsApp has seen significant changes, evolving not only in sending but also in receiving and interpreting messages. This implementation brings with it a multitude of opportunities, including interactive chatbots, automated responses and seamless customer-business communication. Recognizing the importance of a solid social media presence, AlexDev decided to actively expand on major social platforms. From Instagram to TikTok, our goal is to get closer to our community by offering exclusive content, updates and a direct line of communication. In closing this DevLog, we renew our request to our dedicated customer base to share their experiences through reviews. This feedback is invaluable for our growth and improvement. With gratitude, AlexDev thanks all its readers and customers for their continued support and wishes you a wonderful day
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DevLog Luglio 2023

July 2023 DevLog – Threads, Multi-Social and EngageBot.PRO

In this July 2023 DevLog, we have shared a series of significant updates related to our automation services In response to the challenge posed by the recent Instagram update that reduced the maximum limit of controllable "likes", we have developed new technologies to once again increase this limit to 1000 "likes". This change is currently being tested and we hope to make it available to everyone in the future. We also discussed the arrival of Threads, Meta's new platform. We are working to integrate Threads into our services, including the EngageBot.PRO system and our custom tools. We invite our community to share their ideas and suggestions for this integration and help us create solutions that meet their needs. Our automation bot for Amazon deals, AutoDealsBot, underwent major updates this month. It is now available in English and can post deals from more than 10 different Amazon stores. We will continue to discuss these developments in a future detailed article. Finally, we have made a number of other updates, including expanding the functionality of our automation systems for creating Telegram numbers and sending WhatsApp messages. We also improved the entire social structure of EngageBot.PRO. These are just a few of the many updates we are working on for August, and we look forward to sharing more in our next DevLog. Stay tuned for further updates and thank you for your continued attention and support. Till next time!
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DevLog Maggio/Giugno 2023

Reels and Phone Numbers – DevLog May/June 2023

The May and June period was a hectic time of ever-changing activities and projects. While there weren't any groundbreaking revolutions, there are still many exciting updates to talk about! We will analyze the latest Instagram Updates, the cases of major maintenance that occurred during the past month, and the positive aspects that we encountered, such as the new profile update frequencies that allow us to obtain updated data with greater precision, the ability to access reels during self-drop checks, and the new profile control functions that better handle profiles that change usernames. We will also discuss the new taxation, which was already discussed in the previous Flash Update, and the update of AlexAPI rates. Additionally, we will talk about the new strides we are making to develop the Automatic Phone Number Creation Tool for our Member Addition Bot Lastly, we will dedicate some time to EngageBot, discussing the improved management of translations and the upcoming projects we have planned.
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Centralized Scraping, Instagram and Twitter APIs – DevLog April 2023

In this April 2023 DevLog we will focus on the most important news from this last month of development, covering some Important EngageBot.PRO Updates, new Instagram Checking APIs, big news on Twitter Checking APIs, but also updates on Scraping for Add Bots and the release of our API Portal. As always, we will touch on the major new features introduced to our systems by these latest updates, and how they can help you improve your products! We will discuss the new Centralized Scraping System made for our Member Addition Bots, which allow for faster obtaining of member lists and smoother performance of all tasks. We will then move to the New Instagram APIs that we have introduced parallel to our official APIs, to improve the speed and accuracy of the controls We will also look at the state of development of Twitter APIs, which are already integrated into some of the systems tailored for some clients And we will conclude by talking about AlexApi, which is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality!
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