Centralized Scraping, Instagram and Twitter APIs – DevLog April 2023

In this April 2023 DevLog we will focus on the most important new features of this last month of development, which concern some important EngageBot.PRO updates, new Instagram Checking API, big news on the Twitter Checking API, but also updates on Scraping for Add Bots and the release of our API Portal.

As always, we will touch on the major new features introduced to our systems by these latest updates, and how they can help you improve your products!

What are we going to talk about in this DevLog April 2023?

We will discuss the new Centralized Scraping System built for our Member Addition Bots.
This allows faster obtaining of member lists and smoother conduct of all activities.

We will then move on to the New Instagram APIs that we have introduced.
These APIs work in parallel with our official APIs, to improve the speed and accuracy of controls

We will also look at the state of development of Twitter APIs, which are already integrated into some of the systems tailored for some clients

And we will conclude by talking about AlexApi, which is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality!

Table of Contents DevLog April 2023

Centralized Scraper for Member Adding Bots

Centralized Scraper for Member Adding Bots

One of the new features introduced this past month is the Centralized Scraping System for Adder Bots.
This innovative scraping system takes advantage of Premium Numbers to make obtaining member lists faster and more Consistent, avoiding the use of numbers that are tied to the bot or that are used in add functions.

These Premium Numbers are maintained on an ad-hoc server, and offered by AlexDev for all clients who have an active Adding Bots.

Using this system makes it possible to:

  • Optimize the use of numbers
    Having numbers dedicated to scraping makes their attention and availability vertical on that operation. They will not have to answer or execute requests outside of scraping, ensuring greater accuracy
  • Scheduling and higher frequencies
    Having a list of accounts that are always active and available for scraping means that scraping can be done more frequently
  • Premium Accounts
    The accounts used are treated in a special way, and it is almost impossible for them to be blocked or suspended. Therefore, they will always have access to public and private groups, and can collect data quickly.

The update was created in response to the need for a faster, more responsive scraping system that can produce more accurate data in less time, avoiding unnecessary waiting and potential crashes or timeouts.

New Instagram Checking API introduced in DevLog April 2023

New Instagram Checking API introduced in DevLog April 2023

During April we made arrangements with a new Technology Partner, who provided us with an advanced API for accessing Instagram data.
This API, leveraged in parallel along with our private checking APIs, allows the data to be obtained dramatically faster and more accurately.

At the current stage, we have integrated this new checking API only for LIKE checking, which is the most time-consuming and requires the most account availability.
If our tests prove successful in the long run, we will integrate this new API for all checking types.

Leveraging this new API yields countless benefits, including:

  • Greater Stability
    Should either API stop working, the other would continue to do so, providing 100% stability and UpTime
  • Increased Tranquility
    One of the APIs is based on control through private accounts, the other is based on SaaS control, ensuring exception-free operation in any situation
  • Higher Accuracy
    Since the two APIs are mutually independent, the accuracy of the checks will be unambiguous: If both systems certify the presence (or absence) of an interaction, it will be the result that Instagram itself is showing.
    Normal limitations caused by instagram apply

This API is also already active within AlexApi, our SaaS API system, which will be available soon!

Advanced Priority Checking Functionality

As pre-announced in the Official Channel of EngageBot.PRO(join if you are not already a member!) we have integrated a new engagement control method, specifically for Like and Comment control features.

This new procedure, specific to EngageBot.PRO, is structured to make sure that many more resources are allocated to the list checking phase, especially in the initial checking phase.

This causes far fewer photos to have to be checked in order to recognize a leecher (user who has not reciprocated), and in this way, far fewer requests will be consumed.

This also increases the accuracy of the control, and of the final result list.

Twitter Checking API

Twitter Checking API

The month of April was largely devoted to Research&Development for the Twitter API, which began in March 2023.

This development period allowed us to make APIs (Available in AlexAPI!) that can:

  • Obtain information about users
  • Geta user’s “following” list
  • Get a user’s “followers” list
  • Get a user’s “tweets” list
  • Get informations about a tweet
  • Get the list of Retweets of a tweet
  • Get the list of Mentions of a tweet
  • Get the list of Replies of a tweet
  • Check whether a user has responded to a tweet
  • Check whether a user has retweeted a tweet
  • Check whether a user has liked a tweet
  • Check whether a user is following another user

These features are still being tested and experimented with, and will be implemented in the form of a Control Platform (still in planning!).
If you have any advice or requests on how you would like to see it done, please comment on this post!

Preparation for AlexAPI Release

Preparation for AlexAPI Release

We are devoting many of our resources to continue work on AlexAPI, AlexDev’sService-as-a-Service API platform.

Through such a platform, you will have access to all APIs produced by AlexDev, such as the Instagram control API used by EngageBot.PRO, or the Twitter control API, but also INEDITED APIs such as those for VAT verification, Tax ID, and much more.

The system will give unrestricted access to all these APIs, and we will work tirelessly to produce new ones all the time!

Do you have an API that you would like to add to the portal? Please feel free to recommend it below!

The system will provide APIs, tailored Scraper, information documentations, lists, and big data databases in one scalable and cost-effective package

The system is ready for release, and we are working to study the cheapest and most appropriate price possible before officially releasing it.
We are also offering the system in BETA TESTING to some of our interested customers!

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DevLog April 2023 Conclusion

Thank you for reading this far!

We hope that all the updates made will help you improve the management of your Engagement groups, and that you will be pleased to know that we are always working to improve our services!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.
We wish you a good day/evening!

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