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EngageBot.PRO Updates – March/April 2021

In this last month we focused on improving our service and stabilizing it, resolving small issues, updating some features, and adding some extra ways to customize your bots

🕐 As some of you may know, instagramduring this period crashed for some hours, and this forced Facebook(the company Owning Instagram) to update their algorithms, and slow down the updates, so now it may take up to 5 minutes to publicly see a comment, or a like, under a picture.

To balance that, we had to rework our logics, and provide more accounts to check in multiple ways and try to bypass this instagram slowness.

We didn’t do only that though, we also performed various different updates on both bot and panel:

Better Usage Graph

EngageBot.PRO Usage Graph
EngageBot.PRO Usage Graph

We improved our usage graph, that is now reversed for easier reading, and it features a 30-days limit instead of the old 7-days.

Tables Optimization

We technically improved our database storing strategy, in order to improve our loading speeds and bot response speeds

Improved Global Messages Time

Now the “receivers count” in global messages table is set at the end of sending process instead of during it, so it works much lighter and faster.

Improved Translations

We improved all translations in the system, and we also entirely translated our periodic ads and global messages tabs, in order to give you more freedom reading messages in your language

Periodic Global Messages

As requested by many of you, we added a feature to build and send periodic global messages.

Periodic global messages are in all similar to global ads, but are sent in private chat of the users instead of sending them in the groups.

This way, you can send any kind of media, emoticon, gif, videos, and keyboards, directly to private chats

No Tolerance on Premium Photos

You can now enable the possibility to disable tolerance on Premium Photos.
This way, any user will be Forced to engage with all premium photos, ignoring the Tolerance you set.
For example: if you have a Dx20 group, with 2 tolerance, usually members should engage with at least 18/20 photos to be able to post.
But if one of the missed photos is a premium photo, the user will get a missed engagement error instead of being able to post.

Mirror Checking in Extra Checks

Now you can enable “profile checking rules” also on mirror profiles, so users will be able to post with mirror profiles only if those profiles are respecting all the limits you decided

Better Information Boxes

We improved our information boxes so it’s easier to setup and read informations

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