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Delete welcome messages on Telegram – JoinClearBot

This article explores the problem of welcome notifications in Telegram groups and presents an effective solution: the Telegram bot JoinClearBot. The bot offers the ability to automatically eliminate annoying entry…

Threads in PUBLIC BETA on EngageBot.PRO

Dear EngageBot.PRO users, We are excited to share with you an exciting new development: the introduction of Threads of Meta to our family of features! The official launch on December…

BetFair Betting Automation System

In the world of online betting, time and accuracy are critical to success. That's why we developed a state-of-the-art browser automation system designed to simplify the betting process on BetFair,…

WhatsApp Notification Automation

WhatsApp Notification Automation can greatly simplify communication between companies and their customers, improving the overall customer experience and increasing business efficiency. In this technical article we will explore the different…
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Instagram Engagement Groups – What Are They?

We hear a lot about Instagram Engagement Groups, but... What are they? In this article, we are going to discuss and explore this issue, understanding how they can help your…
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Custom Scraping Systems

Learn what Scraping means and how AlexDev can help your company create customised scraping systems to extract the data you need. Our team of experienced developers can create scraping systems…
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Bot Rewards EngageBot.PRO

Reward users for participating in your engagement groups with points and free rewards! The Rewards Bot EngageBot.PRO is connected via the APIs, and will award points whenever a…
Smm Panel

Autodrop SMM Panels and Order Automation

Our advanced Automation and Autodrop SMM Panels bot is an advanced system that can put the autopilot to the management of your orders within any resale panel. You can specify…

Specific Comment Exchange Bots

We have created, at the personalized request of a customer, a bot able to manage the exchange of Likes and Specific Comments between users. Each user will be able to…

EngageBot.PRO API System

AlexDev, as a complete web development company, is also involved in the development of advanced REST APIs for systems with relational databases. This kind of API can be applied to…
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Guadagnare con Amazon: AutoDealsBot

Avvia il tuo canale di Offerte su Telegram grazie ad AutoDeals. Il Bot che facilita la gestione del tuo canale, permettendoti di pubblicare automaticamente le migliori Offerte di Amazon.

Virtual Numbers on Telegram: ThePhoneBot

Protect your privacy thanks to ThePhoneBot, the Telegram bot that allows you to get Virtual Numbers in a simple and cheap way! Thanks to ThePhoneBot's virtual numbers you can activate…
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Services Sales Panel (SMM)

Build your service sales panel (SMM) with AlexDev: Safety and Quality based on the SmartPanel standard. This panel evolves the standard, solving various problems and bringing it to the maximum…

Improved Translations for EngageBot.PRO

We have greatly improved the translation system of EngageBot.PRO, implementing new languages, and improving the alignment of those present. In this way, each language will be automatically translated as soon…
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Scraping, Adding and Sending Bot

One of the most complex and powerful bots I've ever developed is the hugely popular Scraping, Adding, and Sending Members Bot, which can get active member lists from groups, add…

Saves Checking in EngageBot.PRO

After months of work, the Saves Checking in EngageBot.PRO feature is released in PUBLIC BETA: Try it out now and let us know your doubts and opinions!
Aggiornamenti Engagebot Agosto

EngageBot.PRO Updates of August 2021

In this EngageBot.PRO Updates of August 2021 we focused on improving the bot checking, integrating various new features, optimizing requests, upgrading our server, and many more updates
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Follow Exchange Group Bot

The Follow Exchange Group Bot is the new frontier for Follow Exchange Bots, appled in the DX form. Seen the growing interest in Telegram Exchange Groups in DX form (where…

EngageBot.PRO Stories

EngageBot.PRO now allows to publish stories in your groups, with an advanced and innovative checking procedure. This feature is COMPLETELY FREE and included in your standard EngageBot.PRO subscription

Instagram Lists Checking Bot

The Instagram List Checking Bot is thought for rounds and bombing groups that want to automate their checking process.

Adding Bot Users blacklist

As suggested by a user currently owning an adding bot, i created a remote database shared between all bots, in which the bot will insert all the usernames that appear…

Hashtag Checking Bot

The Hashtag Checking Bot is thought for round exchange groups, and bombing groups, that want to automate their checking phase

Follow 4 Follow Checking Bot

This advanced type of bot allows you to create an entire Follow 4 Follow exchange group, managed in the private chat with the bot itself, where each new user must…

Instagram Stories Checking Bot

The brand new Instagram Stories Checking Bot raises the level of the standard Like and Comment Exchange Bot again, adding a brand new advanced and useful feature: Stories views exchange.…

Instagram Saves Checking Bot

The innovative Instagram Saves Checking Bot takes the standard of Like and Comment exchange bot to the next level, adding a peculiar and important feature: The obligation to save the…

Instagram Checking Tool

Instagram Checking Tool able to check hashtag rounds, follow 4 follow lists, and followtrains

GroupsClonerBot – Messages Copy System

GroupsClonerBot is a bot able to automatically copy any new message in a group to another group. It supports any kind of message, media, audio, text and links

DropAutomator – Messages Automation

Automatic messages sending system on Telegra, with multi-group scheduling, repeated custom messages sending, with and without preview

Private Administration Panels

AlexDev.IT also creates custom private administration panels for systems already existing or new, connecting to REST APIs
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