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Instagram Lists Checking Bot

The Instagram List Checking Bot is thought for rounds and bombing groups that want to automate their checking process.

Adding Bot Users blacklist

As suggested by a user currently owning an adding bot, i created a remote database shared between all bots, in which the bot will insert all the usernames that appear…

Hashtag Checking Bot

The Hashtag Checking Bot is thought for round exchange groups, and bombing groups, that want to automate their checking phase

Follow 4 Follow Checking Bot

This advanced type of bot allows you to create an entire Follow 4 Follow exchange group, managed in the private chat with the bot itself, where each new user must…

Instagram Stories Checking Bot

The brand new Instagram Stories Checking Bot raises the level of the standard Like and Comment Exchange Bot again, adding a brand new advanced and useful feature: Stories views exchange.…

Instagram Saves Checking Bot

The innovative Instagram Saves Checking Bot takes the standard of Like and Comment exchange bot to the next level, adding a peculiar and important feature: The obligation to save the…

Instagram Checking Tool

Instagram Checking Tool able to check hashtag rounds, follow 4 follow lists, and followtrains

GroupsClonerBot – Messages Copy System

GroupsClonerBot is a bot able to automatically copy any new message in a group to another group. It supports any kind of message, media, audio, text and links

DropAutomator – Messages Automation

Automatic messages sending system on Telegra, with multi-group scheduling, repeated custom messages sending, with and without preview

Private Administration Panels

AlexDev.IT also creates custom private administration panels for systems already existing or new, connecting to REST APIs


News website about the thech world, with dynamic and responsive theme, light and dark modes, and external social networks integration

EngageBot.PRO January 2021 Updates

This EngageBot.PRO January 2021 Updates show an enormous improvement in stability, possibility to send the rules directly in the group, bugfixes and improvements in tables and structures, a better user-checking,…


Product static website, made in HTML, CSS, jQuery, with semi-static features and dynamically generated parts. Multi-Language Multi - Language


Insitutional website made in wordpress, multi-language and mobile-first, contact and portfolio features


🧹 Automatically and instantly clean “User joined the group” messages from your group making this bot admin of it! 🧹 🌐 A bot by https://AlexDev.IT➡️ @TheDevAle ❓ How to do…
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