Discord Product Scraping Bot

Discord Offers Bot with Channel and Subscription Management

AlexDev has produced on commission an advanced scraping offer tool (Discord Offers Bot), capable of obtaining and tracking the prices (and details) of products from various websites, and publishing the best offers within a discord channel.

This bot also manages a subscription system with renewal via external shop, the sending of private access tokens, and the automatic assignment and removal of roles and permissions to users depending on the subscription.

It also accepts admin commands for generating tokens, reformatting products with advanced HTML, and much more!

The Discord Deals Bot gets offers from any site!
The Discord Deals Bot gets offers from any site!

🔎 Obtaining Discord Offers Bot Offers

The system periodically checks, through advanced scraping systems and private 4G proxies, the product pages and offers of numerous websites, including (but not limited to):

  • Autoscout
  • Chrono 24
  • Mediaworld
  • Ebay
  • Eprice (Eprice)
  • LuisaViaRoma placeholder image
  • PiratesInViaggio
  • Tannic
  • Unieuro
  • Zalando Hotels
  • Amazon

All offers are collected by the website in question through the catalog pages, offers, and all the pages made available by the site itself, some through the official APIs, others through advanced browser simulation systems, able to overcome captcha and cloudflare.

In addition to the offer, product name, internal SKU code, direct purchase link, product photos, multiple descriptions, and every accessible or hidden detail will be collected.

The scraper will also compare the current price with that obtained previously during previous scraping actions, to also calculate any price changes and unofficial discounts!

i️ Filtering of the Best Offers

The system through custom algorithms Categorizes,Filters and Cleans the offers obtained, going to:

  • Identify the discount quantity of a given product, assessing whether or not that offer is valid
  • Exclude products to which the original price has been increased only to bring up a higher discount
  • Divide offers by category and discount quantity
  • Track price changes to calculate passive discounts

In this way, “negative” or “fake” offers will be excluded, allowing users to see only real offers.

The system is also able to set some offers as “to be approved”, and send them to an approval channel for Administrators only, where they can be reviewed before being sent to the channels related to the correct categories, so that everything can be checked and ordered.

Some examples of publishing the Discord Offers Bot
Some examples of publishing the Discord Offers Bot

📣 Publication of Discord Offers Bot Offers

The system is able to divide the offers by category and type of site, going to send in a special channel each type of offer.

Mediaworld offers over 50% discount will go to the Mediaworld 50% channel (of the Mediaworld category), because everything within these systems is personalized and tailored.

The offer will be formatted in a personalized way for each website, depending on the presence of Name, Description, SKU, original price, discounted price, link, image, and so on, so it is able to maintain consistency and fluidity in every step.

Example of bot post formatting
Example of bot post formatting

Subscription and Role Management

The Discord Offers Bot is able to manage subscriptions and permissions in a complete and advanced way
The Discord Offers Bot is able to manage subscriptions and permissions in a complete and advanced way

The Discord Offers Bot is able to manage subscriptions and permissions in a complete and advanced way, allowing access to channels containing offers only to users belonging to the VIProle, or in possession of a subscription.

Through a payment processor of your choice, the system will activate a subscription (automatic or manual renewal) to the user, and will send his personal access token via Mail to each renewal

Redeem personal token
Redeem personal token

Have you understood our potential and are we in line with your needs?

The one described in this article is a product tailor-made for a customer and cannot be resold, but if it has made you understand what we can achieve and you are interested in making YOUR TAILOR-MADE PRODUCT,contact us now!

You will receive the utmost professionalism and the best service, at a very low price!


📞 Telegram:@TheDevAle

👥 Group:@AlexDevGroup

🇮🇹 Canale AlexDev:@AlexDev_IT

🇬🇧 AlexDev Channel:@AlexDev_EN

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