Follow Checking bot for InstaPower

InstaPowerFollowBot is a Follow4Follow checking bot, created to ensure that every member in a list is following each other, excluding of course paid users, that won’t need to repay the received followers

The bot is structured in a simple and intuitive way:

  • Every user can ask to join the list with one or more usernames, after having passed a couple of introductory explaination steps
  • After requesting to join, the user will be added to a checking queue, created to verify if the candidate is actually correctly following all other users that joined before him.
  • The bot will notify the result with a message in the Administrators Channel and in the private chat of the candidate, telling him if he entered the list or not.
  • If he was accepted, a notification will be sent in the Public Bot Channel, where all users will join to receive updates
  • All users that joined the bot before this user will get a notification, that will tell them about the new member: they will have 5 days (time defined by the Staff) to follow the new joined users, or they will be warned

To join every user will need to follow all the users that entered the list before him. He will be able to do it through a handy list generated by the bot, or through a special Instagram profile, created only for this, that will have in the “Following” all the bot users.

After being entered more than 5 days ago, the users will start participating in the “Intermediate Checking Phase”, that will check that every user is still following any other user, including the new ones

Every hour a user will be selected through determined algorithms, and will be checked

If a user is noticed doing unfollow (stop following) other users in the list, he will be warned. Reached certain number of warns, he’ll be added to the Unfollow List

The special Telegram channel where all users will get communications – There will be sent messages like:

  1. New users joined the list
  2. New users warned
  3. New users added to unfollow list
  4. Communications and rules by the Admins
  5. New Premium users that joined the list
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