June 2024 DevLog – SocialScraper.PRO, Twitter, and TikTok

Welcome to DevLog June 2024, where we are excited to share with you the latest innovations and updates to our platforms. This month has been particularly rich in significant developments aimed at enhancing user experience and boosting the capabilities of our services.

First, AlexAPI underwent a complete rebranding and is now known as SocialScraper.PRO. This change is not just a name update, but includes a new graphical interface that makes data access faster and easier. We redesigned the dashboard to improve navigation and introduced an automatic request calculator to better manage costs and resources. In addition, we have integrated the Twitter Control API, allowing access to a wide range of data on Twitter/X. Fully updated documentation is available to help users make the most of these new capabilities.

In parallel, our work on the TikTok and Twitter APIs has achieved remarkable results. TikTok’s API is in final development, while Twitter’s API is ready for Beta Testing. We are integrating these APIs into EngageBot.PRO, allowing the creation of Twitter Engagement Groups at no additional cost. This new feature will enhance the interaction and visibility of content on Twitter, offering advanced tools to manage social media more effectively.

EngageBot.PRO has also received several updates aimed at improving the user experience. We have introduced new notification management with the ability to receive email alerts and real-time push notifications through Firebase. Threads, after several updates, is now officially released and out of the Beta phase. In addition, we have added new customizable error messages and a new view-to-post control for Instagram, which uses a tracking link to monitor the opening of posts. Finally, we upgraded the programming language to PHP 8.3, improving code performance and stability through refactoring and the use of new libraries such as Doctrine.

These updates demonstrate our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for social media automation and management. We are confident that the new features and improvements introduced this month will help significantly improve our users’ experience and the effectiveness of their projects.

Thank you for following us on this journey of continuous innovation. We hope you will find these updates useful and look forward to seeing how you use them in your own projects. Happy reading!

SocialScraper.PRO – Rebranding and New Features

Siamo entusiasti di annunciare che AlexAPI, il nostro servizio di fornitura API per l’ottenimento di dati, ha subito un importante rebranding e ora si chiama SocialScraper.PRO.

This name change is not only a cosmetic update, but also reflects the significant improvements we have implemented to enhance the user experience and expand the functionality offered.

We want to open this June 2024 DevLog with this news precisely to represent our goal of constant efforts not only aimed at the future and the integration of new features, but also at improving what already exists.

SocialScraper.PRO – New graphical interface

New API documentation SocialScraper.PRO

One of the main new features is the new, completely revised graphical interface, which allows access to more information in less time.

The new dashboard is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing quick and easy access to all necessary functionality.

We repositioned some sections to improve navigability and introduced an automatic request calculator in the subscription section.
This tool makes it easy to view costs per request and manage the subscription more efficiently.

SocialScraper.PRO – Twitter Control API

New subscription section SocialScraper.PRO

Another significant development is the integration of the Twitter Control API, which now allows access to Twitter/X data.

Through these APIs, it is possible to obtain detailed information about users, such as profile, list of followers, followers and tweets.
In addition, specific data can be collected on individual tweets, including retweets, replies, and likes.
These features are critical for calculating engagement and checking user interactions such as follows, likes, retweets, and replies.

For more details and to access the full documentation of the new API, please visit the link: Postman API Documentation.

SocialScraper.PRO – API Reels and New Documentation DevLog June 2024

Finally, we made other minor changes, including rebuilding the documentation from scratch, making it more accurate and precise.
We also added new endpoints for Instagram focused on user Reels, further expanding the capabilities of SocialScraper.PRO.

These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality tools for data access and analysis, and we are excited to see how our users will leverage these new features for their projects.

Twitter API in the June 2024 DevLog

Twitter API Documentation

During this last period, our team worked intensively on the TikTok and Twitter APIs and achieved outstanding results.

TikTok’s API is in final development, while Twitter’s API is ready and available for Beta Testing.

Specifically, regarding the Twitter API, we are excited to announce that we are integrating these new features into EngageBot.PRO, our advanced Engagement Bot management system.
This new version of EngageBot.PRO will include support for Twitter, allowing users to create and manage Twitter Engagement Groups efficiently and at no additional cost.

EngageBot.PRO’s new feature for Twitter will enable our clients to take full advantage of Twitter’s potential to increase the engagement and visibility of their content.
Users will be able to create automated interaction groups, making it easier to like, retweet and reply to tweets within the group.
This will not only increase interaction and presence on social media, but also help build a stronger and more engaged community around their personal brands or projects.

The integration of the Twitter API into EngageBot.PRO is a significant step forward in our mission to offer innovative and powerful tools for social media automation and management.
As we continue to improve and expand the functionality of our platform, we are confident that these new additions will be greatly appreciated by our users.

Stay tuned for more updates on the TikTok API and new EngageBot.PRO features as we continue to work to bring you the best social media automation and management solutions on the market.

EngageBot.PRO DevLog Updates June 2024

Engagebot.PRO notification page

The last period has seen several significant updates to EngageBot.PRO, aimed at improving the overall user experience and introducing new features that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our platform.

One of the most relevant updates concerns the management of notifications.
We have introduced a new notification management page, which allows users to easily view and change notification settings.

You can now specify a notification email to receive important alerts, ensuring that critical updates are not missed.
In addition, when logging in to the platform, Firebase notifications have been integrated, allowing immediate real-time push notifications to be received directly in the browser. This feature significantly improves the timeliness and responsiveness of the notification system.

Threads released on EngageBot.PRO

Another important development is the official release of Threads, which is no longer in Beta. After numerous updates and optimizations, Threads is now fully operational, offering users a new dimension of interaction and conversation management.

We also introduced new customizable error messages, such as the one related to daily requests terminated. This new message helps users understand when the bot is experiencing errors due to exceeding the daily request limit, improving transparency and resource management.

Error finished requests

In addition, we implemented a new type of control for Instagram: view post. This control involves opening a custom tracking link that tracks the opening of the post on Instagram, providing accurate and useful data on users’ interactions with posted content.

Among the most significant changes, though less visible to users, is the update of the programming language from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.3. This update involved a complete refactoring of the code and the adoption of new libraries such as Doctrine/DBAL.

These changes make the code more performant and accurate, while also facilitating early detection of errors and improving the overall stability of the platform.

These updates demonstrate our ongoing commitment to improving EngageBot.PRO and offering users increasingly advanced tools for managing their social media. Keep following us for more improvements and new features!

This period has been full of important updates and innovations for our platform.

The rebranding of AlexAPI to SocialScraper.PRO, accompanied by a new GUI and integration of the Twitter Control API, has greatly improved the accessibility and functionality of our data delivery service. This change represents a significant step forward in our mission to offer increasingly advanced tools for analyzing and accessing social data.

In parallel, the Twitter API is now ready for Beta Testing and will soon be integrated into EngageBot.PRO. This new feature will enable the creation of Twitter Engagement Groups at no additional cost, further increasing the social media automation and management capabilities of our platform.

Finally, EngageBot.PRO has received several updates that improve user experience and system efficiency. New notification management, the official release of Threads, customizable error messages, and the new view-to-post control for Instagram are just some of the new features introduced. Upgrading the programming language to PHP 8.3 and adopting new libraries also made our code more performant and stable.

These developments reflect our ongoing commitment to providing innovative and high-quality solutions to our customers. We will continue to work to improve and expand the functionality of our platforms while maintaining a focus on quality and user satisfaction. Stay tuned for more updates and discoveries in the coming months!

Thank you for reading our June 2024 DevLog. We are excited to share these advances with you and look forward to seeing how you use these new features for your projects.

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