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DevLog May 2022

DevLog May 2022

Within this DevLog May 2022 we are going to analyze some of the most important updates that we have applied in this last period.

We have updated our cryptocurrency bots, improved the AlexPay server by rehabilitating the BTC, DOGE, DASH and LTC nodes, and (above all) worked on the New Instagram Updates that have kept us quite busy in recent weeks.

We’ve also updated our member add-on bot system, with multiple checks and database optimizations

EngageBot Rewards Bot

Bot Rewards EngageBot.PRO

Reward users for participating in your engagement groups with points and free rewards!

The Rewards Bot EngageBot.PRO is connected via the APIs, and will award points whenever a user posts correctly within one of your engagement groups.

By launching the bot you can spend your points to buy premium photos, or whatever you want to integrate!

They can also buy points through Stripe or Cryptocurrencies, helping you monetize your groups even more!

Smm Panel Autodrop Bot

Autodrop SMM Panels and Order Automation

Our advanced Automation and Autodrop SMM Panels bot is an advanced system that can put the autopilot to the management of your orders within any resale panel.

You can specify the list of all the usernames of your customers, and which services to order at each panel, and the system will automatically order this service every time the customer publishes a new photo in his profile!

In addition to ordering a service every new photo, we also have Drip-Feed features included, and much more!

This will allow you to program and automate the creation of any kind of order, such as “100 followers every 3 hours”, or “2000 story views every 24 hours”!

Each order can be divided into smaller orders, such as “100 likes immediately, 25 likes after 3 hours, and the remaining likes after 6 hours”

Let’s see each feature in detail!


Virtual Numbers on Telegram: ThePhoneBot

Protect your privacy thanks to ThePhoneBot, the Telegram bot that allows you to get Virtual Numbers in a simple and cheap way!

Thanks to ThePhoneBot’s virtual numbers you can activate accounts on any website without having to provide your personal phone number!

You can use them for Telegram, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google and much more!


Services Sales Panel (SMM)

Build your service sales panel (SMM) with AlexDev: Safety and Quality based on the SmartPanel standard.
This panel evolves the standard, solving various problems and bringing it to the maximum of its capabilities.

Bot di Aggiunta Automatica

Scraping, Adding and Sending Bot

One of the most complex and powerful bots I’ve ever developed is the hugely popular Scraping, Adding, and Sending Members Bot, which can get active member lists from groups, add them to other groups, send them messages, and much more.