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DevLog September 2023 – API Threads, New Automations, 2FA and EngageBot Updates.

Welcome inside our universe of technological innovation with the September 2023 edition of our DevLog. In this article, we will guide you through a journey of discovery spanning the latest milestones and exciting developments in the AlexDev world. This month, our team has devoted extraordinary energy to researching and implementing advanced browser automation technologies. This new frontier has enabled us to overcome the limits of traditional automation, opening the way to a whole new world of possibilities. Imagine being able to automate not only API calls, but having a real browser that acts authentically, browsing, clicking and interacting with the Web exactly as a real user would. This is the power of browser automation, and we have already seen its potential with our BetFair automation tool. But it doesn't end there. We also welcomed Meta Threads, successfully integrating it into EngageBot.PRO. This platform, closely related to Instagram, promises to be a revolution in social automation. It is a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with access to leading-edge solutions. And as we continue to revolutionize the world of automation, we cast a glance into the future with the possible integration of the TikTok API. This could be a momentous breakthrough, allowing us to check likes, comments and interactions on this popular platform. While we cannot yet confirm the timing, we do know that the future is bright. Our mission to constantly improve our services is not limited to automation. We have also made significant updates to our member addition system, making it more secure and efficient than ever before. The ability to automatically enable 2FA, import sessions with 2FA enabled, and ensure maximum security with auto-logout represent a step forward in account management. Last but not least, we made fundamental technical improvements. Restructuring the website cache has resulted in smoother and faster navigation, while server and database upgrades have consolidated the stability of our ecosystem. This summary is just a preview of what awaits you in this September 2023 DevLog. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of innovation, advanced automation, and continuous growth? So sit back and get ready for an exciting journey into the future of technology with AlexDev.
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Sistemi di Scraping Personalizzati

Custom Scraping Systems

Learn what Scraping means and how AlexDev can help your company create customised scraping systems to extract the data you need. Our team of experienced developers can create scraping systems for e-commerce, social media, search, tracking and analysis, customised to your company's specific needs. Read the article to learn more about how scraping systems can help your business and contact us for more information on our customised scraping services
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Smm Panel Autodrop Bot

Autodrop SMM Panels and Order Automation

Our advanced Automation and Autodrop SMM Panels bot is an advanced system that can put the autopilot to the management of your orders within any resale panel. You can specify the list of all the usernames of your customers, and which services to order at each panel, and the system will automatically order this service every time the customer publishes a new photo in his profile! In addition to ordering a service every new photo, we also have Drip-Feed features included, and much more! This will allow you to program and automate the creation of any kind of order, such as "100 followers every 3 hours", or "2000 story views every 24 hours"! Each order can be divided into smaller orders, such as "100 likes immediately, 25 likes after 3 hours, and the remaining likes after 6 hours" Let's see each feature in detail!
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API EngageBot.PRO

EngageBot.PRO API System

AlexDev, as a complete web development company, is also involved in the development of advanced REST APIs for systems with relational databases. This kind of API can be applied to any pre-existing system, allowing the interaction between systems that previously could not be connected (try to imagine a calendar and an administrative portal, or an automatic payment system and a telegram bot, or a sales portal and an automatic supplier, an SMM panel connected to EngageBot.PRO, or many other integrations) A custom API takes care of transforming the messages sent by one of the two systems, and converting it into a "readable" format for the other system, so that they can communicate without interruptions, making automatic processes that previously could not be. In this article we will talk about the EngageBot.PRO API System, but it is possible to create APIs for any type of system.
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