February 2024 DevLog

Welcome to AlexDev’s February 2024 DevLog, where the digital innovation frontier continues to expand with new and exciting features.
This month, we focused our efforts on significant updates that touch several aspects of our platform, improving social media interaction, data analytics, and online group security.

We have enhanced the experience on Instagram with improvements in comment tracking, providing unprecedented accuracy.
We have also expanded our horizons with a sophisticated scraping system for Google Maps and Google Businesses, providing our users with a powerful tool for analysis and marketing.

EngageBot.PRO has been strengthened to offer superior protection against bot attacks, a crucial step in maintaining the integrity and security of online interactions.
In addition, we have optimized our Instagram account management system, ensuring smooth management aligned with the social network’s latest features.

Instagram Comment Control Update

In this February 2024 DevLog, AlexDev has taken a significant step forward by improving the comment control feature on Instagram.
This advancement is part of a broader context of optimizing our engagement tools, aiming to provide our users with an unprecedented experience in managing interactions on social.

Updated instagram comment control in DevLog February 2024

Our most recent evolution, which we tell you about in this February 2024 DevLog, in comment monitoring on Instagram reflects an ongoing commitment to accuracy and precision:
Through the implementation of innovative cross-checks, we challenged the limitations of Instagram’s API, forcing the platform to reveal up-to-date and complete comment lists.
This advanced methodology, which leverages hidden parameters, results in more accurate and faster comment detection, elevating the quality of service provided by our engagement bots.

The main challenge we faced was dealing with inaccurate data provided by Instagram, which in the past included incorrect comments or omitted some interactions, compromising the effectiveness of our system.
Our solution has radically transformed this scenario, now guaranteeing access to 100 percent of relevant comments, up to the limit of 250 imposed by our systems.
This result not only eliminates errors previously found but also ensures unprecedented data fidelity.

Thanks to these enhancements, your users can now benefit from an extremely reliable comment tracking system that enables more effective and strategic management of their pages and campaigns on Instagram. Improved accuracy in comment tracking opens up new possibilities for more targeted and personalized Engagement strategies, enabling our clients to engage with their audiences in a more meaningful and measured way.

The development presented in this February 2024 DevLog represents just one of many steps AlexDev is taking to continuously improve the experience of its users and the quality of its services.
As we continue to push the boundaries of technological innovation, we are committed to offering solutions that not only meet but exceed our audience’s expectations.

Google Scraping System – Introduced in DevLog February 2024

As part of our February 2024 DevLog, AlexDev is pleased to announce a new frontier in data scraping: a robust and advanced system designed to extract critical data from Google Maps and Google Businesses. This new feature, fully integrated into AlexApi, stands out for its availability across all subscription levels, underscoring our vision of democratic access to data analysis tools.

Google Scraping System in DevLog February 2024

Our newest innovation in data scraping marks a turning point for market analysts, marketing professionals and engagement strategy developers.
The new scraping system developed by AlexDev provides access to a sea of vital information: from user reviews to Google business fact sheets, a wealth of data now opens up to our subscribers with unprecedented ease.

By incorporating these APIs within AlexApi, we have made it easy for users to create engagement groups that monitor and react to Google reviews, enriching their engagement and customer care strategies.
But the possibilities are even broader: from online reputation management to competitive analysis, from improving SEO strategies to personalizing the customer experience-our scraping system is a key that opens multiple doors in the vast digital ecosystem.

AlexDev continues to position itself as a benchmark in the field of automation and data analytics, delivering on its promise to offer innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our audience.
With the launch of this new feature, we confirm our commitment to support our users in seizing the opportunities hidden within the data, providing them with the tools to do so efficiently and accurately.

DevLog February 2024 also involves EngageBot: Anti-Bot Update

In a digital world where the security of online groups is increasingly threatened by automated attacks, AlexDev has responded with a critical update to EngageBot.PRO, strengthening defenses against waves of spam and unwanted mass access, which we will discuss in this February 2024 DevLog

Anti-bot update in DevLog February 2024

Recently, some groups suffered attacks of unprecedented proportions, with more than 9000 users joining simultaneously and flooding the groups with spam and unwanted posts.
This volume of requests put a strain on EngageBot.PRO, mainly because of the volume of messages that exceeded Telegram’s limits for deletion in a short period of time, about 30 messages per second.

To solve this problem and mitigate the risk of future attacks, we have improved our control procedures.
We have introduced new systems to reduce overload and request consumption during these critical issues, increasing the resilience of EngageBot.PRO in the face of intensive spam attempts.

During the improvement process, we ran into a glitch: a misconfiguration that led to the automatic deletion of legitimate links, preventing regular users from posting properly in the groups.
This problem was promptly identified and fixed by our team, restoring normal posting functionality and ensuring that EngageBot.PRO now operates more accurately.

With these updates, EngageBot.PRO has not only strengthened its defenses against bot attacks, but also optimized its operations to ensure that groups remain safe and spam-free spaces for the community.
The security of our users and the protection of their digital spaces has always been a priority for AlexDev, and this update is a further demonstration of our commitment to this.

Our goal is to continue to provide a clean and protected engagement environment where users can interact without the worry of interruptions or unwanted distractions.
These improvements are just one part of our ongoing commitment to providing reliable and secure tools for managing online communities.

Technical Updates: Instagram Account Center

AlexDev constantly strives to refine automation tools for social media. The latest update to our Instagram account management system is a significant step forward, providing full compatibility with the recently launched Instagram Account Management Center.

As part of our goal to provide a seamless and highly efficient user experience, AlexDev has released a crucial update to our account management system. This update was made to capitalize on the features offered by Instagram’s new Account Management Center, a unified interface where users can easily edit information, emails, passwords, and other personal data.

Synchronization with Instagram’s Account Management Center now allows our automation tools to track the pace of user changes in real time, ensuring that our automation solutions are always up-to-date with the latest information.
This integration greatly improves account management by users, simplifying profile maintenance and increasing security through the ease of updating credentials.

In the context of a rapidly changing digital environment, it is essential for automation systems to be flexible and responsive to change. With this update, AlexDev not only adheres to this need but also anticipates the future needs of users by facilitating more direct control and smoother management of their Instagram accounts.

In conclusion, this February 2024 DevLog reflects AlexDev’s relentless efforts to refine and expand the capabilities of our automation and analysis tools. Every update and improvement we have introduced is driven by our mission to provide our users with ever more intuitive, secure and cutting-edge solutions.

Dal miglioramento delle funzionalità di tracciamento dei commenti su Instagram, che offrono un’accuratezza senza precedenti, all’espansione delle nostre capacità di scraping per Google Maps e Google Businesses, abbiamo continuato a superare i confini tecnologici.
The update of EngageBot.PRO for a Improved defense against bot attacks and optimization of our Account Management System in line with Instagram’s new Account Management Center are just a few examples of how AlexDev adapts and responds to the emerging challenges and needs of our users.

These advances are not just achievements; they are the foundation on which we will build our future innovations. We are grateful for the trust our community places in us and are committed to maintaining that trust through our dedication to continuous improvement and excellence.

At AlexDev, we believe that the future is defined by those who embrace change and lead it. And with each new update and feature, we strive to be those change leaders, guiding our community to new heights in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Thank you for following this month’s updates. We are excited to see how these new features will enhance your digital strategies and look forward to sharing the resulting successes with you.

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