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Happy Holidays and DevLog End 2022

In this Happy Holidays and DevLog End 2022 article, we will go over all the updates and new features made during this last time of the year.

We will also take a small moment to make our Best Wishes for Happy Holidays, Christmas and Happy New Year, and discuss future Projects.

The topics covered during this End 2022 DevLog will be varied, including Updates and new Control Logics, Server Optimization, on-demand APIs, WhatsApp integrations, small improvements, new infrastructure, and much more.

Proposals and Developments for the Future

Proposals and Future Developments

We want to devote this first part of the article to talk about some of the projects we have under our belt, or are planning to start.

Over the past few months, we’ve spent a lot of time working on the Instagram API as a result of all the updates, and certainly that work is not over yet

However, we want to look toward the new, to bring interesting features in the coming year.

AlexDev Service-as-a-Service API System

We are working hard to implement a SaaS API system that will allow all AlexDev Customers to take advantage of the countless APIs and Systems that AlexDev has created over the years.

This AlexApi will be one feature-rich panel, from Amazon scraping to TrustPilot scraping, from getting a photo’s like list to information about a Telegram account, and more!

The Service will provide access to all public APIs developed by AlexDev(*not custom-built tools) and allow anyone to build their own system or portal, relying on the reliable and constantly updated AlexDev technologies.

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Systems integrated with WhatsApp Messenger

We have recently started working with some systems that allow us to leverage APIs to Send and Receive Messages through WhatsApp (both Business and Personal).

Unlike major competitors, these systems do not have a cost per message (see Twilio, which can cost up to $0.10 per message)

We are planning to start offering some messaging and notification solutions that can take advantage of these low-cost APIs, introducing a whole new market and more budget-friendly and competitive solutions.

Study and Development of TikTok Engagement Systems

We are, together with an external team of developers, studying alternatives and proposals for the implementation of integrated systems with TikTok.

At this stage it would not yet seem possible to automate checks and obtaining information from this platform, but we will keep you updated for any news!

EngageBot.PRO updates

In this second section of the article we will focus on the most important updates and new features that our Team has introduced within EngageBot.PRO

Changes to Error Handling

We have modified the structure for error handling to allow us to go in and integrate new features that are planned, one of which we will see below.

This modification allows for faster and easier handling of error methodologies, and also allowed us to integrate the Posted Photo Link within the Error Log channel.

Let us know what you think about this updatein the comments on the EngageBot.PRO Telegram Channel!

Improvements to Comment Control

We have greatly improved comment control through a series of updates made to our API.

These updates give us more frequent access to more up-to-date data from instagram, improving the accuracy and timing of control for Comment actions.

To help you save requests, we have also made sure that the comment check (cheaper than the likes) is carried out first of the Like check, and in the absence of a comment, the like is not checked and the photo is given for “not retrieved” (as it would be in each case given the lack of commentary).

Spammer User Analysis and Leech Checking

We have become aware of some users who, by means of massive multi-group spam, sometimes manage to get through the controls unnoticed (perhaps abusing the presence of 500-like limits on photos and/or tolerances that are too high).

To combat this issue, we have fielded a number of updates, and we are preparing more.

First, we updated caching logics that allowed these users to “accumulate” their successes until they were able to pass the checks, thus dramatically reducing the chances of this kind of action occurring.

We are also working on multi-group warning/ban logic, which will allow the system to notice if the same user is receiving warnings in multiple groups and, at the client’s discretion, go and add up those warnings to lead to the final ban in all groups.

Technical Updates and Control Logics

Within this section of the Year End 2022 DevLog article, we will focus on technical updates related to the Instagram Control API.

New Proxies and Methods of Use, Search Mechanisms and Sessions.

We have integrated, within our system, new methods of using proxies, which allow us to keep sessions active longer and obtain more consistent data.

The individual user does not notice these kinds of issues, but Instagram often shows different data depending on the nationality or account being used.

Often when looking at the same photo from two different cell phones (and accounts), even placed close together, it is easy to notice that some users see different comments from others, or different likes from others.

This obviously heavily affects the checks of the various bots, which, by simulating a user’s activity, might see different data than the user requesting the check sees.

With these new session types, we are able to provide more precise and accurate data.

Server Optimizations and Performance

We have begun a new optimization process to make our systems faster and more responsive.

The process is still ongoing, but the difference in performance is already appreciable

our best wishes for Happy Holidays 2022

Our Season’s Greetings

We take advantage of this little space in our Happy Holidays and DevLog End 2022 article to break away from work technicalities and address you directly

We would very much like to extend to all of you, Customers but now Friends, a sincere and deep wish for Happy Holidays.

This year has been a very difficult year for everyone, undoubtedly for some more than others.

We were faced with major challenges, great successes, and great failures.

We wish you all the best for a Happy and Prosperous coming year, with lots of Luck and Health to you and your families

May these festive days warm your hearts, and may the beautiful emotions stay with you throughout the year to come!

The team of AlexDev.IT and EngageBot.PRO

Scraping Bot Updates and Adding DevLog Members End 2022

New for Scraping Bot and Adding Members

During this last period of 2022 we have been working to optimize various features of our Scraping and Member Addition system.

New Infrastructure and Connection between Servers

The most important change that was applied, on most of our Member Addition bots, was the move from a server node with more distant locations, to servers under the same sub-network.

To specify: Each Scraping and Adding Members has 2 servers: Database Server that maintains account sessions, data from those sessions, lists of users, etc., and a Userbot Server that handles the management of Bots, processes and actions.

These two servers communicated through IP address by leaving the network and entering the respective network.

They are now configured to work in the same network, thus reducing latencies in communications and greatly optimizing performance.

Improved Library and Auto-Updating System

We recently encountered issues with the automatic update of the library we use to connect to Telegram, so we opted for a full installation on our side, with a periodic automatic update unrelated to the library’s own automatic updates.

This way we have total control over when an upgrade is performed, and we can guarantee stability and uptime for our Customers.

Updated technical structure of some features, addition, loops, automatic purchase

We have significantly updated the operation of our Schedulers for periodic actions (such as order execution loops, automatic number buying, queue processing Additions..).

This allows us to better meet timelines, and maintain advanced locking that prevents overlapping operations.

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