Bot di Controlo Hashtag

Hashtag Checking Bot

AlexDev.ITcreated a Hashtag Checking Bot for Instagram, customised for a Client, able to entirely check Bombing or Round Exchange Groups for Likes and/or COmments through Hashtag, with advanced filters, checking list, and much more

How to start a Hashtag Checking

In this bot version (that is 100% customisable), the structure is the following:

Clicking on the Check Hashtag button, the Hashtag Checking Bot will ask the user to prompt in the hashtag that he wants to Scrape. The system will verify that the hashtag exists and contains at least some photos, and in affermative case, it will proceed with the Checking Creation

The user will be asked to send the list of @usernames participating in the round/bombing, this way the system will be able to exclude all the photos of users not participating, avoiding to check them.

Extra Filters (Posting Date)

It will be possible to specify a custom time range, to include in the checking only photos that have been posted in that time range, excluding the others

At the end of the checking, all the users that missed some photos will be sent in form of a Telegram message. In a handy .txt file you will get the details of which photos have been missed by each user, and you will also get the list of photos posted by users not participating in the round

What are you waiting for to build your custom control bot?

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