Updates EngageBot.PRO Early 2022

During these Updates EngageBot.PRO Early 2022 we focused on solving small problems, and developing new features (mainly focused on aligning with the new features provided by Instagram)

We have also started the processing of some updates proposed within the Survey sent in the Official Channel of EngageBot.PRO.

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Improved Follow Controls

One of our main objectives of this series of updates has been to make the “follow” control much faster and more precise, searching in a timely and detailed way the profiles and allowing a much more fluid and fast performance of the controls and therefore of the group itself.

By taking advantage of the new search features we’ve developed, we can find followers much faster!

Translation Review in Updates EngageBot.PRO Early 2022

Updates EngageBot.PRO Early 2022: Miscellaneous Translations
List of available languages

We are working carefully on our translation system, in order to produce more precise translations for each panel feature.
We are also modifying the basic translations to use more accurate terms.

We are also thinking about the possible integration of other languages in addition to those present.
If you want to add a language, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Updated and solved issues in the Top 100

New filterable tables for top 100
New filterable tables for top 100

We have updated all the Top 100 tables, which can now be filtered, reordered for each of the columns provided, searched by user ID and username, and navigated through the various pages.

We’ve also optimized the page to load much faster

Updated Pending Photos table

Waiting list update
Waiting list update

We have updated the Pending Photos table, which can now be filtered, reordered for each of the columns provided, searched by user ID and username, and navigated through the various pages.

We’ve also optimized the page to load all data much faster.

Instagram Searches Update

We found that instagram internally made updates that created errors within the searches (Errors present both in the official app and in the web version).

Specifically, errors occur looking for usernames longer than a tot of characters (lower than the maximum number that instagram officially provides), and even more serious errors in the presence of very specific patterns (for example, when you go to search for usernames containing a point followed by numbers).

We have made some important updates that have allowed us to get around these issues, and to carry out research correctly despite the internal problems of Instagram.

Statistics Page Improvement

We have updated the Statistics page of the panel, optimizing its generation, making it faster and more stable, increasing up to 6GB of RAM the space for data collection and structuring.

We’ve also changed the arrangement of data, which is now easier to view and read on every device.

New Technologies instagram: Multi-user photos

New instagram "collab" feature
New instagram “collab” feature

Instagram has introduced a new feature that allows collaboration between creators, who can publish the same post that will appear as created by both.

The method with which Instagram has created this feature, however, means that in reality only the first creator appears as the actual “owner” of the photo / post.

Due to this, EngageBot.pro is currently unable to recognize both owners, but only the first.

For this reason, users who want to post this type of post will have to specify their username using the mirror functionality.

Enable mirror functionality
Enable mirror functionality

Automatic medias selection

Selection of allowed posts in the group
Selection of allowed posts in the group

We have created a “Select All” button that allows you to select all possible types of media to authorize them within your group.
This selection will be on by default, so you don’t have to worry about selecting them as soon as you create a new group



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