DevLog September 2023 – API Threads, New Automations, 2FA and EngageBot Updates.

Welcome inside our universe of technological innovation with this Devlog September 2023.
In this article, we will guide you through a journey of discovery spanning the latest milestones and exciting developments in the AlexDev world.

This month, our team has devoted extraordinary energy to researching and implementing advanced browser automation technologies. This new frontier has enabled us to overcome the limits of traditional automation, opening the way to a whole new world of possibilities. Imagine being able to automate not only API calls, but having a real browser that acts authentically, browsing, clicking and interacting with the Web exactly as a real user would. This is the power of browser automation, and we have already seen its potential with our BetFair automation tool.

But it doesn’t end there. We also welcomed Meta Threads, successfully integrating it into EngageBot.PRO. This platform, closely related to Instagram, promises to be a revolution in social automation. It is a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with access to leading-edge solutions.

And as we continue to revolutionize the world of automation, we cast a glance into the future with the possible integration of the TikTok API. This could be a momentous breakthrough, allowing us to check likes, comments and interactions on this popular platform. While we cannot yet confirm the timing, we do know that the future is bright.

Our mission to constantly improve our services is not limited to automation. We have also made significant updates to our member addition system, making it more secure and efficient than ever before. The ability to automatically enable 2FA, import sessions with 2FA enabled, and ensure maximum security with auto-logout represent a step forward in account management.

Last but not least, we made fundamental technical improvements. Restructuring the website cache has resulted in smoother and faster navigation, while server and database upgrades have consolidated the stability of our ecosystem.

This summary is just a preview of what awaits you in this September 2023 DevLog. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of innovation, advanced automation, and continuous growth? So sit back and get ready for an exciting journey into the future of technology with AlexDev.

Towards New Automation Technologies

In August and September, AlexDev embarked on an exciting journey into the universe of advanced automation, with an emphasis on browser automation technologies.
This approach is transforming the way we approach projects and opening the door to a new suite of tools that are revolutionizing the automation landscape.

Our advanced automation systems have a solid foundation in API reverse engineering.
This means that we spent time carefully studying portals to extract protected API calls and later simulate these APIs to automate processes.
It is a sophisticated approach that has proven its effectiveness in a number of projects.

However, there are situations where APIs are complex or require additional steps beyond simple simulation.
And that’s where our new browser automation systems come in.

With these systems, we are able to start and use a real browser, which is automated to navigate and interact with Web sites just as a real user would.
This means clicking on buttons, filling out forms, and interacting with dynamic elements in real time.

This approach to automation presents several challenges, but the opportunities it offers are amazing.

A tangible example of this is our new BetFair automation tool, designed to automate the process of creating bets on one of the most popular bookmakers, BetFair.
This tool can place bets automatically, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Browser automation is just the beginning of a new era of complex and intelligent solutions. This trip has opened a window to a world of possibilities, and we look forward to sharing further developments and exciting projects

AlexAPI now offers THREADS service in BETA - DevLog September 2023

AlexAPI now offers THREADS service in BETA – DevLog September 2023

As promised in our previous DevLog, we have been working tirelessly to integrate the new Meta platform, Threads, into EngageBot.PRO.
This represents a significant step in expanding our automation capabilities and offering increasingly powerful solutions to our customers.

But that’s not all! In one fell swoop, we decided to bring the Threads API into our AlexAPI portal, an ecosystem that provides access to all APIs developed by AlexDev. This move gives our users an unprecedented opportunity to take full advantage of Threads’ potential and integrate it into a wide range of custom applications.

Speaking of AlexAPI, we are pleased to announce that we are about to launch the full version of this platform, and we are putting the final graphic touches to ensure you a flawless user experience. We are excited to see how you will use these resources to create innovative solutions and continue to push the boundaries of automation.

Embarking on this new phase of integration was a bold step, but we are convinced that it will bring tangible benefits to our customers and pave the way for new automation possibilities.

TikTok API under development

TikTok API under development

In our ongoing quests to improve and expand our capabilities, we took a bold step in exploring access to the TikTok API in this September 2023 DevLog.
This could open a new era of automation and control opportunities on one of the world’s most dynamic and popular social platforms.

It is important to note that this is a complex process, and at this time we cannot provide an accurate estimate of the time frame.
This is time-consuming and requires attention to detail, and we want to make sure we follow all the necessary procedures to ensure stable and secure integration with TikTok.

However, we are excited to share with you that this exploration has begun, and in the coming months and months you may see the addition of the TikTok option in our systems.
This would mean the ability to check likes, comments and interactions on TikTok in an automated way, opening up new possibilities for your presence and engagement on this growing platform.

We are also considering how to integrate these features within our ecosystem of services.
For our current EngageBot customers, these features are likely to be included for free as part of your existing subscription!

EngageBot Updates - DevLog September 2023

EngageBot Updates – DevLog September 2023

The past month has been another successful chapter for EngageBot.PRO, with an unwavering focus on improved usability and expanded functionality. As part of our commitment to provide the greatest value to our users, we are pleased to announce that all of these updates are available at no additional cost.

Here is a look at some of the major improvements we have introduced:

1. Improvements to UserCanPost Control Logics: We refined the logics governing whether or not users can post within groups. This ensures that the rules set by administrators are strictly adhered to, maintaining a controlled and manageable publishing environment.

2. Troubleshooting Post Limits: We have corrected an issue related to the limit of posts a user can have in the list, ensuring that everything works flawlessly for more efficient content management.

3. Improvements for Comment Control: We fixed an issue related to permission to publish even when the user had not retrieved the image (with the image display option enabled). This correction contributes to greater consistency in publication operations.

4. Renewal of Tables: We made the control panel more efficient by showing only active groups, eliminating lists of inactive groups that could be cumbersome.

5. New Error Messages: We have introduced a new error message specifically for comment groups. Now, if a photo has comments disabled, it will not be possible to publish it, further improving control over the content.

6. Advanced Customization: It is now possible to hide checkmarks from the list, even using the advanced list, allowing an even more flexible user experience.

7. Premium Access: We have added the ability to restrict publishing to premium users only, giving priority to subscribers who wish to take full advantage of EngageBot.PRO’s advanced features.

8. Optimizations under the hood: Finally, we have been working hard to optimize the code and make a number of technical improvements that help make the system faster, more reliable, and ready for the future.

These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible experience for EngageBot.PRO users. We look forward to continuing to evolve and grow with you, and look forward to sharing more developments in the coming month. Thank you for being part of this incredible adventure!

Member Addition System – Advanced Security and Fraud Protection

In our ongoing journey of refinement and innovation, we are pleased to announce a monumental upgrade for our member addition system. These new features are revolutionizing the way we manage account access and security, paving the way for greater flexibility and control.

Here is a preview of the new possibilities we have introduced:

1. Automatic 2FA Activation: Now, when a new account is created, the system has the ability to automatically enable two-factor authentication (2FA) and enter a password to protect it. This additional layer of security will help keep accounts safe, providing greater peace of mind for our users.

2. Importing Sessions with 2FA Active: Not only can 2FA be activated during account creation, but now it is also possible to massively import sessions where 2FA is already active. This option provides greater flexibility in using existing sessions, saving valuable time.

3. Auto-Logout Auto-Logout: To protect accounts and prevent misuse, we have introduced auto-logout functionality from all other sessions after 30 hours of import. This mechanism prevents sessions from being resold or used by unauthorized third parties, providing greater security.

4. Easy Import of Sessions: We have further simplified the session import process by eliminating the need for .json files. It is now easier than ever to import the desired sessions smoothly.

These updates represent a significant step forward in our mission to provide users with powerful and secure tools for account automation and management. We will continue to work hard to improve and expand our ecosystem, offering cutting-edge solutions to automation challenges. Stay tuned for more news and improvements coming soon!

Technical Improvements and Stability

Technical Improvements and Stability

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver flawless performance and exceptional quality to our customers, we have devoted time and energy to a number of key technical improvements.
These efforts have resulted in an even better, faster and more reliable user experience.

Here are some of the highlights of these improvements:

1. Website Cache Rework: We have undertaken a process of reworking the cache of our website. This move has made our site incredibly faster and more responsive. Now visitors can navigate our content more smoothly, getting information and resources more quickly and efficiently.

2. Server and Database Updates: We have made a major round of updates on our server and database versions. This was a complex task that took days of dedicated work, but it was essential to ensure the highest quality and stability of our services. The upgrades allow us to keep our infrastructure state-of-the-art and ready to handle the evolving needs of our customers.

These improvements, although they may sometimes escape the untrained eye, are the foundation upon which our ability to offer high-level solutions to our clients rests. These improvements, although they may sometimes escape the untrained eye, are the foundation upon which our ability to offer high-level solutions to our clients rests.

Thank you for your continued trust in AlexDev. Stay tuned for more developments and improvements coming as we work tirelessly to make our ecosystem better and better!

DevLog September 2023

DevLog September 2023 Conclusion

In this September 2023 DevLog, we went through an exciting journey through the new frontiers of automation and innovation. From extraordinary advances in browser automation and API exploration of TikTok, to seamless integration of Meta Threads and evolutions of EngageBot.PRO, we have seen how AlexDev is constantly pushing the boundaries to offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers. In addition, we implemented new features for the member addition system and made significant technical improvements.

This is just the beginning, and we are working tirelessly to bring innovation and excellence to every aspect of our service. The future is full of promise and opportunity, and we look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you, our valued customers and supporters.

Thank you for following us on this journey of discovery and innovation. As always, your support is our driving force and the impetus that pushes us to overcome new challenges again and again. Keep staying connected and following us for all the latest news and updates.

See you next month with new success stories, revolutionary tools, and a continued footprint of excellence. We wish everyone an extraordinary day and continue to create the future together!

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