August 2023 DevLog – EngageBot Multi-Social and Automation.

August 2023 DevLog: In this densely productive month, AlexDev made great strides in its innovation mission.

One of the key initiatives was the evolution of EngageBot.PRO, transforming the previously Instagram-focused platform into a multisocial tool.

Now, with the ability to manage platforms like Twitter and TikTok, we are poised to revolutionize the way users interact and grow in their respective social networks.

One of the challenges faced was the limitation placed by Telegram on the account creation system, however, we were not deterred. With determination, we introduced a sophisticated session import system, thereby enhancing the functionality of adding members and overcoming imposed barriers.

Integration with WhatsApp has seen significant changes, evolving not only in sending, but also in receiving and interpreting messages. This implementation brings with it a multitude of opportunities, including interactive chatbots, automated responses and seamless customer-business communication.

Recognizing the importance of a solid social media presence, AlexDev has decided to actively expand on major social platforms. From Instagram to TikTok, our goal is to get closer to our community by offering exclusive content, updates and a direct line of communication.

In closing this DevLog, we renew our request to our dedicated customer base to share their experiences through reviews. This feedback is invaluable for our growth and improvement. With gratitude, AlexDev thanks all its readers and customers for their continued support and wishes you a wonderful day

EngageBot.PRO multi-social integration

The Expansion of EngageBot.PRO: Toward Multi-Social Integration

This month has been full of fervent activities for EngageBot.PRO. Our mission was clear: to transform a platform that was created primarily for managing engagement groups on Instagram into a cutting-edge multi-social tool.

The path to this transformation has involved profound changes and additions. We had to adapt to different link and image formats, implement new filters, and create custom rules for various controls, reflecting the specifics of each social network.

If you log in to your EngageBot.PRO portal, you will already notice some of these changes, but the most noticeable features are with the dynamic adaptation of the panel based on the selected social network, thus improving the user experience.

In line with these changes, our API Formatter has been revised to accept specific input for each social network.

We also implemented an automatic rule that deletes pending photos whenever you switch social networks. Similar updates have also been applied to functions such as Autodrop and Follow Checking.

Our Story Views control has undergone an overhaul, providing optimized operational fluidity for multi-social management.

This effort led us to perform a significant data migration, updating all existing groups and over 100 million photos to ensure consistency with our new vision.

As a final touch, we developed a “Standard Library” that facilitates the addition of new social networks.
Through this, we will not only welcome Threads, but we are also ready to integrate future social networks such as Twitter and TikTok, once again demonstrating our dedication to innovation and versatility.

August 2023 DevLog – The Horizon Expands: Twitter and TikTok in the EngageBot.PRO Ecosystem.

Our evolution does not stop with Threads alone. With the ambition to make EngageBot.PRO an increasingly versatile platform in line with trends in the digital world, we are excited to announce that we are in the process of preparing for integration with both Twitter and TikTok.

The importance of extending engagement group management to these popular social networks cannot be underestimated. While Instagram remains a giant in the social media arena, the viral nature of TikTok and the immediate interactivity of Twitter present unique opportunities for brands and content creators.

Imagine the power of having engagement groups on Twitter, where every tweet, retweet or mention can have a huge impact on visibility.
Or think about TikTok, where a single video can go viral in a matter of hours thanks to the right engagement.

Having a platform like EngageBot.PRO that supports these social networks can amplify the reach and visibility of content exponentially.

Incorporating Twitter and TikTok into our ecosystem also means giving our users the opportunity to tap a broader and more diverse market. This allows not only to reach new audiences, but also to experiment and tailor engagement strategies specifically for each platform, thus maximizing results.

In conclusion, the expansion to these new horizons represents not only a step forward for EngageBot.PRO, but also a testament to our dedication to providing our users with the best tools to thrive in the ever-evolving digital age. And as always, we will continue to work so that each update brings added value and innovation.

Challenges and Innovations: Adapting Our Member Addition System Following Telegram Updates

Challenges and Innovations: Adapting Our Member Addition System Following Telegram Updates

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and sometimes changes made by third parties can pose significant challenges for services like ours. A concrete example is Telegram’s move to tighten measures on new account creation.

If you have followed our previous articles, you will already know about the difficulties we are facing. Telegram has tightened its security measures, now making it possible to create new accounts exclusively through the official app. This move directly impacted our automated Scraping and Member Addition system, precluding our ability to generate new accounts at the rate we were accustomed to.

Faced with this challenge, we did not stop. We immediately went into problem-solving mode, looking for alternative ways to adapt and improve our system. However, the road was not an easy one: we had to navigate through automatic bans, restrictions on emulators, IP blocks and other security measures implemented by Telegram.

Although we are proactive and determined to find solutions, we also recognize the value of input from our community. If you have ideas, suggestions, or techniques that might help us overcome these challenges, we invite you to get in touch with us. Collaboration and shared innovation is what helps us grow and overcome any obstacle.

August 2023 DevLog – Innovation and Adaptation: The New System for Importing Sessions

In response to the challenges posed by the Telegram updates, we did not let them get us down and took concrete actions to improve our operational capabilities. One of our most promising initiatives is the creation of an advanced automatic session import system.

This new system does not simply accept sessions; it is designed with a sophisticated compatibility capability. It can easily accommodate and integrate the renowned session telethon, in .session .json formats. Once imported, the session is immediately read and assimilated into our automated system. This process not only significantly reduces waiting time, but also ensures flawless efficiency.

But there is more. This innovation opens up new opportunities for users: it is now possible to independently purchase numbers in large quantities online and then import them directly into our platform. This “self-production” capability offers a previously unattainable level of flexibility and scalability, allowing users to quickly expand their presence on Telegram.

In conclusion, this update is not only a response to a challenge, but represents a transformation in the approach to session management on our Automation Bot. We continue to work with passion and dedication to offer cutting-edge solutions to our users, always ensuring that they get the most out of our solutions in terms of functionality and effectiveness.

Elevated WhatsApp Automation: Beyond Sending, Now Listening!

Two-way communication is a fundamental pillar for any business in the digital world. The update of our integration system with WhatsApp marks a significant step in this direction.

In addition to the pre-existing ability to send messages, we can now receive and interpret responses in an automated way, offering a range of innovative solutions:

  1. 24/7 Customer Support: With the ability to respond in an automated manner, businesses can offer continuous support, answering customer questions at any time.
  2. Real-Time Surveys and Feedback: Send feedback requests and receive customer opinions immediately, enabling rapid analysis and action.
  3. Automatic Reservations and Orders: Customers can request information, book services or place orders, and the system can confirm and manage these requests in real time.
  4. Contextual Interactions: Depending on the keywords submitted by customers, the system can provide specific information, answers, or actions, personalizing the experience for each user.
  5. Customized Offers: By recognizing trends and preferences in customer responses, the system can propose targeted offers or discounts.
  6. Educational Support: Automatically respond with guides, FAQs or training materials based on customer questions.

The enhancement of our integration with WhatsApp is a huge step forward in the implementation of automated communication solutions. This new level of interactivity offers businesses a direct and powerful channel to connect with their customers like never before. And we are here to guide you through every step of this exciting evolution.

DevLog August 2023 - AlexDev Lands on Social Networks: Closer to You

August 2023 DevLog – AlexDev Lands on Social Networks: Closer to You!

It is paradoxical how AlexDev, a company at the forefront of automation and closely linked to the world of social networking, has never had an active presence on these platforms.
We are proud of our highly specialized team: technical experts totally immersed in their work, who have chosen to keep a distance from the social media maelstrom. But, as some would say, times change!

Despite our technical DNA, we understand the importance of a social presence, especially considering our involvement with revolutionary tools such as EngageBot.PRO for Instagram, ClickBee for Twitter, and future Threads-related projects. We recognized the need to get closer to our users, to create a direct dialogue and to share our latest news with you.

And here we are: we are landing on major social networks! Our goal?

Provide you with fresh, innovative content and timely updates. And, of course, listen to your voice. We invite you to follow us, share your experiences with us and, of course, use these channels to get in direct contact with the AlexDev team.

📘 Facebook@thedevale
🐦 Twitter@AlexDev_IT
🕺 TikTok@alexdev

Stay tuned! Our social adventure has just begun, and a lot of new things are on the horizon. How about you? Are you ready to connect with us?

A Special Invitation to Our Loyal Customers

As we close our August 2023 DevLog, we would like to address a special request to you. Many of you have accompanied us on this journey from the very beginning, trusting our services and giving us the opportunity to grow together. We constantly strive not to disappoint your expectations, and to proactively respond to your needs.

But now, in order to convey to the world the effectiveness and dedication with which we operate, we need your voice. We would like you to share your experience with AlexDev through reviews. This feedback is essential not only to help us refine and improve, but also to build trust in our brand. Your testimonies are tangible proof of the value we have brought to your activities and projects.

We therefore invite you to take a moment to tell your story with us. This gesture will have a profound impact, enabling us to reach new horizons and strengthen the confidence of those who approach us for the first time.

Thank you for being a key part of our journey. We look forward to reading your stories and continuing this exciting adventure together. 🌟

DevLog August 2023 Conclusion

As we approach the conclusion of this August 2023 DevLog, we want to pause for a moment to express our deep gratitude. It is because of your continued trust and interest that we are able to progress, innovate, and develop more and more advanced solutions such as the recent integrations on EngageBot.PRO, changes to the member addition system on Telegram, the expansion of our WhatsApp automation capabilities, and, last but not least, our burgeoning presence on major social networks.

Your attention, questions and feedback are the fuel that fuels our mission. We are excited about the paths we are taking and the prospects for the future, but it is with you, our community, that we wish to share every step.

As we look forward to the next DevLog, we hope you are as excited about these innovations as we are and invite you to stay tuned to our latest news.

Thank you again for being part of this journey with AlexDev. We wish you a wonderful and innovative day. Till next time! 🌟🚀

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