Aggiornamenti Telegram e Bot di Aggiunte

Telegram Updates: Scraping and Adding Members Bot

Telegram has been updated, integrating a new ID management, hashing, and profile creation. Come and find out how we updated the Scraping and Member Addition Bot!

As you have surely noticed, after updating the Telegram application, you had to wait a few minutes for the application to optimize all the content for the new version.

We have updated our system to perform this process AUTOMATICALLY without the need for any manual intervention.

Example of a Telegram optimization screen
Example of a Telegram optimization screen

Creating new Telegram Accounts

This Telegram update produced new features and internal structures, which required an update of the procedure for creating new accounts.

We have therefore aligned our processes with the new version of the API, allowing a more stable and faster account creation, with the new coding in INT64.

Telegram alignment to INT64
Telegram alignment to INT64

Incoming hashing and managing new groups

The new Telegram update has integrated a new Hashing system, which at the time it was applied prevented scraping or adding operations.

In a few hours, as promptly communicated on our Telegram channels, we made an update to take advantage of the new hashing system and allow users to continue using the system without any problem.

Telegram has recently introduced a new type of private links, which having different format and operation were not accepted by the bot.

Example of the new private links for Telegram groups
Example of the new private links for Telegram groups

We have promptly made a major update that now allows us to support this new type of link, both in the scraping phase and in adding members.

Have you understood our potential and are we in line with your needs?

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