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Reels and Phone Numbers – DevLog May/June 2023

The May and June period was a hectic time of ever-changing activities and projects. While there weren’t any groundbreaking revolutions, there are still many exciting updates to talk about!

We will analyze the last Instagram Updates, and maintenances happened during the last month, and the positive aspects that it allowed us to discover, like the new profile update frequencies that allow us to always gather updated data with the maximum precision, or the possibility to access also Reels during autodrop checking, and the new features of profile checking able to manage username-changing users

Absolutely! We will also discuss the new taxation, which was previously mentioned in the Flash Update, and the updated rates of AlexAPI. Additionally, we will delve into the new advancements we are making to create the Automatic Phone Number Creation Tool for our Member Addition Bot. We will cover the progress, challenges, and future plans related to this tool.

Lastly, we will dedicate some time to EngageBot, discussing the improved management of translations and the upcoming projects we have planned.

Here’s the table of contents for the DevLog May 2023

Automated Phone Number Creation System

Automated Phone Number Creation System

As per Tradition* (check out our last DevLog!) we begin this May and June 2023 DevLog by talking about our Scraping and Member Addition System

As is already known, Telegram has blocked the ability to register new Phone numbers from tools other than the Official App, as a result it is no longer possible to automatically enter phone numbers (unless previously registered) within our automated Scraping and Member Addition system.

We have been working, however, for a few months now, in looking at various and alternative ways to create in a totally automated way new numbers, and after trying dozens of methods we have begun the development of what would seem to be the ultimate method that will allow us to get back in business

This method consists of total emulation of an Android operating system, with the Official App active and automation software written in LUA

The process will be carried out in the following method:

  • Telegram bot sends number creation request and acquires phone number
  • API receives the request and communicates it to the first available phone (or emulated system)
  • Phone receives request and creates account, interacting via API and Telegram bot to obtain verification code
  • Phone tells Telegram bot that the account is ready
  • Telegram bot tells Server Userbot the account to register, and waits for confirmation from Phone
  • Phone automates the opening of the chat with Telegram and receives the code, which it will communicate to Server Userbot to finish the addition

Does this all sound complicated? Just think, we made it simple so we could explain it! If you want to stay up-to-date, sign up for our newsletter!

Instagram Profiles Updates

Instagram Profiles Updates

During recent Instagram Maintenance, we performed a total system review to make sure the issues were not originating on our side and to confirm that Instagram itself was the cause.

During this analysis, we found that Instagram introduced new calls within the web platform, which allowed us to greatly improve some critical points in our systems:

Profile Update Frequency

Before now, it was only possible to upload updated data for a profile once every 15 minutes or so (varying between 5 and 60, depending on the situation and the type of data being updated).

Every other request to Instagram returned old and outdated data, due to their caching policies

Since the last update, we have been able to find more and more up-to-date data, lowering the timeline to about 5 minutes (but in most cases, always updated in real time)

This lets you know in a timely manner if there have been any changes to the profile, Username change, ID shift, new photos, number of followers/following, and so on.

Instagram Username Replacement

In some situations, during a username change on Instagram, some profiles remained misaligned, keeping the reference to the old profile (thus having a double reference with multiple profiles on the same username, or multiple usernames with the same ID).

Thanks to the latest updates we have made, recognition of a username change will be automatic and almost immediate upon checking the new username or ID, and this will allow us to keep the data clean and accurate at all times.

Reels in Autodrop

In studying the new API for obtaining profile information more frequently, we discovered the existence of some new hidden features, which allowed us to also have access to the Reels of a profile through the same call.

Until now, it was not possible to get reels in the “last post” call, and because of this, unpublished reels on the profile were not recognized by the autodrop features.

Instead, from now on, such posts will also be automatically recognized and will be featured in the new API!

EngageBot Updates: Default Translations and New Developments

We have updated the operation of Engagebot Translations, ensuring that a translation is always present by fallbacking on English translation if the translation in that language is missing.

We have set up an automatic translation system to translate into all supported languages as soon as possible, and we are actively pursuing developments of brand new features

DevLog May 2023 - VAT

Transition to VAT regime

As already anticipated, during the month of May we officially switched to the VAT regime.

To learn about all the implications, bonuses, cost changes and news, read our article!

AlexAPI Update and Cost Decision

Of course, all updates applied to the instagram API can also be found on our AlexApi platform, which always has the latest update of all our tools available at the exact moment we apply it.

AlexApi is now in PRIVATE BETA and selected customers who requested it through our support chat on Telegram have already started using it.

We have also decided on prices for our subscription plans, and are preparing for the final release!

DevLog Conclusion May and June 2023

Thank you for reading this far!

We hope that all the updates made will help you improve the management of your Engagement groups, and that you will be pleased to know that we are always working to improve our services!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.
We wish you a good day/evening!

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