URGENT: New Taxes and Unexpected News.

We are writing this article without preparation or notice, just to be able to communicate as easily and quickly as possible with all of you.

We have only been informed today that with January 1, 2023, the taxation applied to all our services will be disrupted and significantly increased.

This event falls at the exact same time as the 10% increase on Server and Maintenance costs, and 10% increase on Account and Proxy ancillary costs, which we have decided to take on again in August 2022.

In addition to these costs, about €20,000 in additional mandatory fixed costs will be introduced to manage the new taxation.

This makes this tax increase untenable for EngageBot.PRO and WebShire Solutions, requiring immediate action to revise our pricing.

EngageBot- CREDIT CARD.€0.40 + 4%€0.40 + 19%
EngageBot Business – CREDIT CARD.€0.40 + 9%€0.40 + 19%
Table of Taxation Change

These new taxes will be applied on all the invoices created from 1 January 2023, or falling in that fiscal year (eg delayed payment)

We make ourselves available for any doubts/questions/discussions regarding this sudden change in costs, working hard to be able to reach a compromise that can satisfy everyone.

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