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EngageBot.PRO and Twitter Updates – DevLog March 2023

In this March 2023 DevLog, we will focus on the most important developments of the past month, including some significant updates to EngageBot.PRO, the exploration of new Twitterengagement features, updates to our Cryptocurrency Bots, and other important news.

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EngageBot Updates – Free Groups

Engagebot Updates - Improved Instagram Engagement Groups

On EngageBot.PRO, it will now be possible to create engagement groups that will not be subject to checking procedures.

This means that group members will be free to participate without being compelled to engage with other users’ posts if they do not wish to.

Of course, the checking-free groups will still be able to take advantage of all the features offered by EngageBot.PRO.

This includes message format replacing, Instagram link verification, user management, bans and warnings, periodic messages, and much more.

This way, it will be possible to create different types of groups, such as “Reel/Video Views” groups or link sharing groups without the obligation of Like/Comment interaction.

Users will therefore be free to participate by sharing their own link, without being obligated to Like or Comment on other users’ posts.
However, they will have access to the complete list of all the photos participating in the group.

This update will allow for greater flexibility in engagement groups and make the user experience more enjoyable and satisfying.

Global Warnings and Bans on EngageBot.PRO

EngageBot Updates - Global Warning Functionality

If you are an administrator of Instagram engagement groups, you have surely dealt with malicious users who behave inappropriately across multiple groups within the same community.

Until now, each group handled admonishments independently, which meant that if a user was admonished in one group for misbehavior (such as failing to exchange interactions or sending disallowed media), he or she was punished only in that group.

This left the door open for that user to behave the same way in the other groups until he reached the maximum number of admonitions.

Our solution

Ma ora c’è una soluzione! Starting with the latest EngageBot.PRO update, which has been available since last month (if you’re curious, find all the details in the February 2023 DevLog), a new feature was introduced this month: Global Warns.

This new feature allows you to share admonitions among all your engagement groups.

In other words, if a user performs improper actions in one of your groups, he or she will be punished in all groups.
This will make it much easier and more immediate to block any spammers acting in all groups in the same community.

With this important new feature, administrators of Engagement groups will have greater control over user behavior within their community, making the experience of all users more enjoyable and satisfying.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this new feature and improve your engagement group management on Instagram!

Saves-Only Groups on EngageBot.PRO

EngageBot DevLog Updates March 2023 - Groups Saves Only

We are excited to announce another great feature of EngageBot.PRO: “Saves Only” groups.

This new type of control was introduced as a result of the “Free Groups” update and is an effective solution for those who wish to create Instagram Engagement Groups where users can participate by simply saving other users’ media, without the need to perform other interactions.

In the past, to enable Saves checking, it was mandatory to create a “Like” or “Comments” type group and require users to also perform that action in addition to saving the photo.

Due to great demand from our community, you can now create “Saves Only” groups quickly and easily.

We are confident that this new feature will facilitate the creation of successful Instagram engagement groups that do not require users to make unwanted interactions while providing an engaging experience for all participants.

Engagebot Updates: Romanian Language

We have also introduced within EngageBot.PRO the Romanian language!

This will make it possible to take advantage of all standard engagebot messages in Romanian as well, without having to manually translate them.

As always, however, it will be possible to change each message individually and independently.

We hope this update will help you better manage your groups, and remember that you can request a new language simply by contacting us on Telegram!

Twitter Engagement Checking Features

Twitter Engagement

We are pleased to announce that we are exploring new opportunities to improve the user experience on social media.

As anticipated in our Telegram Updates Channel, we are considering the possibility of creating Engagement Groups not only for Instagram, but also for Twitter.

With these new features, users could benefit from increased engagement and increased popularity of their social media profiles.

These groups would include all the features you’ve come to love about EngageBot.PRO, such as controlling Likes, Comments, Retweets, Followsand more.

Our goal is to provide users with a comprehensive and customizable engagement platform that can adapt to their needs.

Stay tuned for more updates on this interesting project!

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Cryptocurrency Bots Updates

We are happy to announce that we have listened to our customers’ requests and updated our Cryptocurrency Bot Management Panels with a new feature for Welcome Bonus and Friends Bonus.

This new feature is available for all upgraded bots, including Lottery, Game, Mining, and all panels in the framework.

The Welcome Bonus will now be disbursed to the user only after the user has joined the Must Join Channel, which is the Telegram channel or group that every user is required to join in order to use the bot.

The same applies to the Friends Bonus, which will be disbursed to the Referral only after the user has completed the channel registration.

This means that every user who uses your bot will have to compulsorily join the Must Join Channel before receiving the Welcome Bonus or for the friend to receive the Friends Bonus.

This allows us to provide a safer and more efficient experience for your users by ensuring that each person using the bot has actually provided all the necessary information and adhered to all the required procedures.

We are happy to continue to improve our service offerings, and we are grateful for our customers’ support and requests. Thank you for choosing our Cryptocurrency bots and keep following us for more updates and features!

Instagram Checking Features Updates

Instagram Graph API

We are constantly striving to improve our Instagram checking features and we care about providing the highest quality for our users.

To do this, we have made significant changes to our monitoring accounts and improved the APIs used, enabling us to obtain even more accurate and always up-to-date data.

With these updates, we are able to offer more effective controls and greatly reduce the rate of erroneous confirmations.

Our commitment to providing the best Instagram monitoring services is a priority for us, and we will continue to work constantly to ensure the highest quality possible.

We are confident that our users will appreciate the improvements and notice an even smoother and more effective user experience.

Conclusion of Engagebot Updates and March 2023 DevLog

Thank you readers for following me to the end of this article and hope they enjoyed it!

We hope that all the updates made will help you improve the management of your Engagement groups

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

We wish you a good day/and a good evening!

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