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EngageBot.PRO February 2021 updates

During last month we focused on adding some new utility features, and fixing some known bugs, then we decided to enhance our webpanel by finishing translation and adding some colors and icons

Some examples of graphical changes and icons
Payeer: Our new Payment Processor

New Payment Processor

We recently introduced the Payment Processor Payeer, a popular and stable payment platform for Cards, Banks, Cryptocurrencies and much more.

Payeer supports Low-to-zero fees payments (so with really low, often 0, transaction fees) through the following platforms:

  • Payeer Account (create one HERE)
  • Various Cryptocurrencies
  • PerfectMoney
  • Quiwi
  • Paypal (through exchanges)
  • And Many other platforms
Global Map of Timezones

Timezones Update

Many of our customers exposed their problem with the standard timezone applied by the bot: For example, European customers are used to certain timezones, while USA customers prefer using others.

When talking about whitelisted users expiration, daily limits, autodrop limits and things like that, the problem of having a standardized timezone is clear.

This is the reason why we did a Big Timezones Update.

Example of timezone setup

From the Webpanel, you can now decide a custom Timezone for the Bot (that will be standard for all your groups) and for each group, if you for example decide to have different groups for different countries.

This timezone applies to the following features:

  • Calculation of Autodrop Users Expiration
  • Calculation of Autodrop Users Daily Limit
  • Calculation of Whitelisted Users Expiration
  • Calculation of Whitelisted Users Creation Date
  • Calculation of Whitelisted Users daily limit
  • Notification of daily limit to whitelisted users (and reset based on group)
  • Follow users expiration calculation
  • Statistics (Now all stats are based on each group) in terms of Days, Hours, Weeks
  • LOG Whitelist Table
  • LOG Autodrop Table
  • LOG Follow Table
  • Photos Tables are now based on group timezone
  • Missed Engagements tables are now based on group timezone
  • Pending Photos Tables are now based on group timezone

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Whitelist LOG now shows always correct username
  • Optimized some tables to reduce loading times
  • Usage Chart is now fancier even without historic data
  • Fixed the ugly minutes format in whitelist limit message
  • A lot of new colors / icons / messages have been added
  • Added a warning icon when Log Channel is missing
  • Added Warning Icon when Log Channel is missing
  • Finished Spanish Translation
  • Fixed Sidebar Bug in Pricing
  • Fixed autodrop that was autodeleting when reaching limit or being near it, even when editing autodrop
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