Aggiornamenti Gennaio 2021

EngageBot.PRO January 2021 Updates

This EngageBot.PRO January 2021 updates show an enormous improvement in stability, possibility to send the rules directly in the group, bugfixes and improvements in tables and structures, a better user-checking, CREATED_AT in the Whitelist Table and much more

More informations about Whitelist Users

January 2021 Updates
CREATED_AT in the whitelist table

The first we’re going to see of these EngageBot.PRO January 2021 updates is the one related to the Whitelisted Users Table , that now allows to have a fast look about when a whitelist user has been created, and when will it expire

Do not delete leecher message

Over-requested by a lot of users, the second of our EngageBot.PRO January 2021 updates is the one related to not deleting leecher messages!

This will help you to grow the group, pushing it up in users chats thanks to a bigger amount of messages

Checkbox to enable / disable the feature

The feature can easily be enabled or disabled thanks to a simple click on a checkbox

Message Customisation

If you have format replacement enabled, you can 100% customise the message that will appear in case of leeching

Screenshot of one of the many possibilities offered by this feature

User checking based on User ID

A new feature has been added on the user checking rules, based on the Instagram User ID. This way, even when a user changes his own instagram username, will be recognized, and blocked if he tries to post multiple times

We used to check if the “instagram user” is the same using the profile username, and some users discovered it and started changing username to post multiple times flooding groups.

We fixed this issue with a new strong improved checking, based on the Profile ID, that can never be changed

This extra checking is completely free and included for all groups

Miscellaneous Updates

  • We fixed the users table, that is now correctly filterable for banned and started private chat
  • We improved bot stability with new servers and proxies
  • You can now decide to send group rules in the group instead of user’s private chat

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