Added the feature to check Follow on Premium / Admin users!

It’s been recently added into EngageBot.PRO a new cool feature: The possibility to require the users to follow certain users before being able to post.

The bot will block anyone from posting (except premium users of course) if they didn’t follow one of those users

Given the difficulty in creating this feature, and the impact it has on monthly costs I need to bear, it won’t be included “by default” in EngageBot.PRO, but it will be available in the Shop as an “extra feature”, that can be purchased optionally

Like every feature of EngageBot.PRO, the checking will be IMMEDIATE, in a couple of seconds the user will get a response (up to 1/2 minutes on profiles following over 7500 persons), and of course the quality of the checking is guaranteed.

It will be of course 100% customisable, and from the panel you will be able to change message, or add/remove follow users, setting an expirty date and/or decide if it’s mandatory or not

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