Aggiornamenti EngageBot.PRO Novembre 2021

EngageBot.PRO November 2021 Updates

In this session of EngageBot.PRO November 2021 Updates we focused on improving current processes, not forgetting the addition of new interesting features to give maximum customization!

Continuing the work done during the October 2021 updates,we are trying to make our product more and more advanced and customizable, but without sacrificing simplicity.

Improved Follow controls, updated and faster APIs, intelligent save control, new translations, total whitelabel, new customizable messages and much more in these EngageBot.PRO November 2021 Updates !

🏷 November EngageBot.PRO Updates, 2021: WHITELABEL

As requested by many of you, during these EngageBot.PRO November 2021 Updates we have integrated the ability to Remove any references to EngageBot.PRO within your system.

Although it was already possible to edit every message within the system, and enable the WhiteLabel option, EngageBot.PRO still had a reference on the following pages:

  • /help command in private chat, entered by default
  • Autodrop (published by Telegram user EngageBot Autodrop)

If you activate the whitelabel option within the chat settings with the bot, all these references will disappear, leaving the bot 100% clean without any link to EngageBot.PRO.

✏️ Personalized Messages in Extra Controls

Upon personal request funded by a major customer, we decided to create and release an important feature free of charge to all members:

The ability to customize in every detail the error messages received as a result of extra checks.

What are extra controls?

The extra controls are additional rules that you can set within your groups thanks to EngageBot.PRO, deciding who has permission to publish and who does not through advanced and specific filters, which can be applied both to the “main” user and to a possible mirror profile.

These filters are:

  • Only posts published at least a few minutes ago (or maximum tot minutes ago)
  • Only posts with at least tot likes (or maximum tot likes)
  • Only posts with at least tot comments (or maximum tot comments)
  • Only profiles with at least tot followers (or maximum tot followers)
  • Only profiles with at least tot followed (or maximum tot followed)
  • Only profiles with at least tot post on instagram
  • Only profiles with maximum tot post on instagram
  • Business profiles only
  • Verified Profiles Only
Example of all the extra controls that you can enable on EngageBot.PRO
Example of all the extra controls that you can enable on EngageBot.PRO

How do they change thanks to the November EngageBot.PRO Updates, 2021?

Before these EngageBot.PRO November 2021 Updates the message sent was unique for all checks, and said:

“Your post doesn’t respect the rules of our group, you can’t participate here”

Now you can customize 100% messages, setting a different text for each error!

Just some of the messages that you can customize thanks to the EngageBot.PRO November 2021 Updates
Just some of the messages that you can customize thanks to the EngageBot.PRO November 2021 Updates

🤖 Improved artificial intelligence of the Saves control

We are constantly working to improve the artificial intelligence behind the Computer Vision of our saves control.

Thanks to the feedbacks of your users we have managed to find some small errors and inaccuracies, and now the control is becoming more and more precise.

We believe we can confidently say that we are close to the final release of the feature, which as already anticipated will be free for all customers EngageBot.PRO!

Example of saves control procedure
Example of saves control procedure

👤 Improved follow control

During this month we have managed to develop an additional feature for the instagram APIs that allows us to control in a much more precise and fast way the follow to the admins by users, to give added value to all those who have decided to use this feature within their groups.

User add procedure follow
User add procedure follow

🔗 Clickable username in the LOG channel

Within the Log channel it is now possible to access the user’s Instagram profile simply by clicking on his username!

In this way it will be easier and faster to check why a user was rejected during the posting phase!

🇮🇹 Solved some problems in translations

Our advanced machine translation system allows us to be available in many languages of the world, even the most complex.

In some situations, however, the system was unable to translate complex commands, links, or parameters.

This update has allowed us to solve these issues, and to update all languages in a complete and clean way

🇹🇷 Added Turkish language

At the request of one of our customers we have inserted and integrated the Turkish language, to allow all those who speak it to use EngageBot.PRO in their language, in a much simpler and more understandable way.

List of available languages
List of available languages

If you would like to add your language, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Increase proxy pools and improve controls

We have doubled our proxy pool at our AirProxy partners (the best Italian private 4G proxy providers), to ensure smooth and slowdown-free operation of all our control systems.

This has guaranteed a considerable improvement in the speed of control, and a greater stabilization.

Updated INSTAGRAM + Miscellaneous APIs

Instagram has made an update to the APIs, so during this month we have dedicated ourselves to aligning our systems to avoid running into problems of any kind, and to guarantee you the best possible quality of our service!



📞 Telegram: @TheDevAle

👥 Group: @AlexDevGroup

📣 Channel: @EngageBotPRO

🇮🇹 Canale AlexDev: @AlexDev_IT

🇬🇧 AlexDev Channel: @AlexDev_EN

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