Virtual Numbers on Telegram: ThePhoneBot

Protect your privacy thanks to ThePhoneBot,the Telegram bot that allows you to get Virtual Numbers in a simple and economical way.

Thanks to the virtual numbers of ThePhoneBot you can activate accounts on any website without having to provide your personal phone number, in a completely legal and secure way.

You can use them for Telegram,Instagram,Whatsapp,Google and much more!

Example of SMS OTP verification via Virtual Numbers
Example of SMS OTP verification via Virtual Numbers

What are Virtual Numbers, and why should I use them?

Virtual numbers are phone numbers (usually disposable) that are made available by large companies or companies that do not use them.

These numbers are networked and can be used (against payment) to receive OTP SMS from certain online services.

An SMS OTP is a verification code that is sent via SMS to the number of the person who wants to register on the platform, to verify their identity. Indirectly, however, we are agreeing to provide our personal number to the platform, which may use it, often for marketing and identification purposes.

In the event of a breach on this platform, the number could be found and shared online, becoming part of large aggressive marketing databases.

A virtual number, however, is not associated in any way with the user who uses it, and is also disposable:In this way the site on which you are registering (and which has requested telephone verification) will not have access to the personal phone number to send you advertising or marketing!

Your privacy will be fully protected, and your account will be properly verified.

ThePhoneBot: The Telegram bot to get Virtual Numbers

ThePhoneBot is the first and only totally automated system on Telegram that allows you to buy Virtual Numbers for your account activations, for an infinity of different services.

The bot is entirely multi-language between Italian, English and Spanish,and allows you to buy numbers of many different nationalities.

ThePhoneBot compares the main providers of Virtual Numbers and selects those with the best value for money.

If the costs are too high, you can also select the ECONOMYrange, with an average cost around $0.20 per number!

ThePhoneBot also provides an additional service: Protection and Refunds

Is the number not working or has it already been used? Instant Refund!

How to buy a Virtual Number

The procedure to buy a new virtual number is extremely simple and intuitive.

First, you will need to top up your balance sheet with Credit.

Currently it is possible to deposit only in Cryptocurrencies or (manually) by Stripe invoice or Bank Transfer.

How to deposit via Cryptocurrencies
How to deposit via Cryptocurrencies

Once you have made a deposit, choose the type of Virtual Number you can buy!

Purchase menu numbers
Purchase menu numbers

You can rely on our “best sellers”, or go to select a service by filtering it by Nationality or Service

Once you have selected your service and nationality, you can proceed with the purchase and receive your personal Virtual Phone Number

Once you have received the number you just need to use it in the selected service, and within a few minutes you will receive your verification SMS


FREE Virtual Numbers

Example of the Friends Invite screen
Example of the Friends Invite screen

By inviting your friends you will earn 5% of every deposit they make within the system, receiving free credits to get virtual numbers without having to spend even a penny!

Automatic purchase via API

Through the APIs you can integrate ThePhoneBot into any of your automated system!

  • Automatic purchase of numbers
  • Automatic refund request
  • Obtaining SMS via API
  • Order Status
  • And much more!

What are you waiting for to use your first Virtual Number?


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