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EngageBot.PRO Rewards Bot – Reward users for using your groups with automatic free points and rewards!

The Rewards Bot EngageBot.PRO is connected via the engagebot.pro APIs, and will award points whenever a user posts correctly within one of your engagement groups.

By launching the bot you can spend your points to buy premium photos, or whatever you want to integrate!

They can also buy points through Stripe or Cryptocurrencies, helping you monetize your groups even more!

How the Rewards Bot works EngageBot.PRO

The Rewards Bot EngageBot.PRO connects directly to your subscription EngageBot.PRO using the EngageBot APIs, thus obtaining the list of groups and photos within each group.

The Bot Administrator can set a Amount Earned in points for each post published within that group, and from that moment on each user who publishes within one of the registered groups will receive the corresponding amount in points within the bot (even if he has never started it before!)

The user can then spend those points to buy services or other, for example to be able to publish a premium post for free within one of the groups of his choice!

How to earn points

The user will be able to earn points without having to do anything more than what he is already used to doing: simply publish a post within one of your groups!

Depending on the group in which it will publish, the gain of points will be different (as decided by the Administrator during configuration).

Points will be credited to users every 5 minutes (or the time decided by the administrator), without the user having to activate the bot before doing so (users who have not yet started the bot will be automatically registered when they publish, and will find the points in their wallet at the first start).

If the user has instead started the bot in private chat, a notification (optional) will be sent every time he receives points!

How to spend points in the EngageBot Rewards Bot

The user can at any time start the bot and go to the “store” section, where he can spend his points to automatically purchase services.

In the specific case of this bot, the user can spend their points to publish a premium photo within one of the groups, without having to recover, in a totally automatic way!

The points will be automatically deducted from the account (and obviously saved in the transaction history for future analysis), and the user can send the link of his photo that will be checked and included in the waiting list of the chosen group.

The admin will also receive an alert in a private logging channel!

EngageBot.PRO API
EngageBot.PRO API

Automatic integration with EngageBot.PRO

As already mentioned above, the system is integrated within the ecosystem EngageBot.PRO through its OFFICIAL APIs.

This allows the bot to keep the list of groups up to date, updating their name, link and username, and removing any closed groups.

The bot also uses these APIs to obtain the list of photos published in the group, in order to assign points related to users.

Finally, the EngageBot.PRO APIs are used to be able to put any new premium photos on the waiting list.

Points purchase section
Points purchase section

Purchase points through Cryptocurrencies or Stripe

Within the bot there is the possibility for users to Buy Points, which can be spent on services (such as posting premium photos in the group).

In this way the platform evolves, and goes from being a single bot of “rewards” for participating users, to becoming a real point of sale for premium actions within the groups, allowing users to buy points to spend in a totally automated way.

Have you understood our potential and are we in line with your needs?

This bot has been tailor-made for one of our customers, but we can help you realize your project exactly as you want it!

You will receive the utmost professionalism and the best service from an experienced team with years of experience!


📞 Telegram:@TheDevAle

👥 Group:@AlexDevGroup

🇮🇹 Canale AlexDev:@AlexDev_IT

🇬🇧 AlexDev Channel:@AlexDev_EN

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