Saves Checking in EngageBot.PRO

After months of work, the Saves Checking in EngageBot.PRO feature is released in PUBLIC BETA: Try it out now and let us know your doubts and opinions!

After months of work, finally the Saves Checking in EngageBot.PRO feature is released in PUBLIC BETA: Try it out now and let us know your doubts and opinions!


The Saves Checking in EngageBot.PRO Feature is one of the most requested features in all our bot, seen the popularity of the Saves Exchange Groups.

The initial idea was to produce a standard feature, already seen in other groups, where users in the private chat with the bot are able to send any kind of screenshot that is not checked by the bot.

This screenshot is checked manually by the group administrators, and removed in case it isn’t valid.

This was the feature requested by the users that asked us to create the Saves feature, but we decided not to stop here.

We asked ourselves a question: “Do we want to make something normal, or something Extraordinary?”

We then decided to contact Rayz, a Computer Vision expert, that helped us to realize our project.

After just a small amount of time from the Stories Feature we are ready to release this new, big feature!

The Artificial Intelligence in Saves Checking in EngageBot.PRO

The user will need to first engage with all the photos in list whti Likes and/or Comments, according to your settings.

In case the user correctly engaged with all the photos in list, he will receive a confirmation message from the bot, with a button to send his own Screenshot of the Saves folder.

Thanks to the Computer Vision the system will verify that all the photos in the list are shown in the Saves screenshot, and that it actually is a Saves Folder Screenshot, allowing the user to join the list only if he Correctly Saved all the photos in the list!

This will allow your Saves group to work in an entirely automatic way!

It won’t be anymore necessary to manually check every photo in the group, the bot will do it for you!

Example of a group chat with the Saves feature enabled
Example of a group chat with the Saves feature enabled

If we missed it… The Saves Checking in EngageBot.PRO feature is completely FREE TO USE and included in every package!

How to activate the Saves Checking in EngageBot.PRO

1. Access your group settings on EngageBot.PRO

Login into EngageBot.PRO and open the sidebar menu.

Scroll down and click “Groups Management”.

Click then on the name of the group you want to modify (where you want to enable the Saves feature)

2. Engagement Checker settings

Reopen the sidebar menu, and scroll to the section that shows the settings of your group (You will see the name of the group as sub-menu title)

Click then the “Engagement Checker” option

3. Enable the Saves Checking in EngageBot.PRO feature

Scroll then the “Engagement Checker” page, you will easily see the “Enable Saves Feature” check.

Check it, and you’re ready to go!



📞 Telegram: @TheDevAle

👥 Group: @AlexDevGroup

📣 Channel: @EngageBotPRO

🇮🇹 Canale AlexDev: @AlexDev_IT

🇬🇧 AlexDev Channel: @AlexDev_EN

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