Bot di Scambio commenti custom

Specific Comment Exchange Bots

We have created, at the personalized request of a customer, a bot able to manage the exchange of Likes and Specific Comments between users.

Each user will be able to choose what should be written in the comments under their photo, and those who recover will have to write exactly that comment.

In this way you can avoid receiving non-inherent comments under your photos, and maximize the quality of the comments, ensuring your users receive exactly the comments you want.

How the Specific Comment Exchange bot is structured

Basic group structure in the Specific Comment Exchange Bot with custom formatting
Basic group structure in the Specific Comment Exchange Bot with custom formatting

The specific comment exchange bot is structured to resemble, apparently, a normal right group.

Users access the group, see the latest published posts (formatted with custom formatting automatically by the bot), and can access the list via a button, in order to start the recovery phase.

This phase, however, unlike normal Dx groups, will take place totally in the private chat between the user and the bot,so that the comments given to that user are visible only to him, and only he can use them to recover.

The bot also operates an ACLsystem, allowing only authorized users to use the group.

IMPORTANT: The system is not offered as “standard”, it is in fact a customized product and made to measure according to the needs of the customer who requested it exactly in this format.

Private chat comment retrieval phase

Comment retrieval phase in Private Chat
Comment retrieval phase in Private Chat

Once the “List” button is clicked, the user will be asked which photo he wants to publish within the group.

After confirming the validity of the Link, the bot will generate the list of comments that the user must insert under each photo.

The proposed comments will be those chosen by the owner of the photo,and in the event that he has not chosen them all, the user will be asked to enter a generic comment of at least 5 words.

Specific Comments Request Phase

After receiving confirmation that he has correctly recovered the expected photos, by entering the specified comments, the user can decide which comments he wants to receive under his photo.

He can write any comment he wants, in order to make the experience as free and personalized as possible.

If you do not have special requests, you can safely skip the process and accept generic comments.

Example of a custom commenting process
Example of a custom commenting process

Specific Comment Exchange Bot ACL System

Message blocking for unauthorized users
Message blocking for unauthorized users

As mentioned above, the specific comment exchange bot has a special ACL system.

The ACL system allows group administrators to decide which users are allowed to use the bot both privately and in the group itself, automatically blocking all users who have not been authorized.

User activation using ACL command
User activation using ACL command

Have you understood our potential and are we in line with your needs?

The one described in this article is a tailor-made product for a customer, and if it has made you understand what we can do and you are interested in making YOUR CUSTOMIZED PRODUCT, contact us now!

You will receive the utmost professionalism and the best service, at a very low price!


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