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Shopify Application: OTP Verification through SMS for Cash on Delivery orders

Customise your Shopify Store, or monetize an idea, with a Shopify Application, just like the Shopify Application: OTP Verification!

AlexDev in the course of his working career has also been involved in the development of Shopify Applications, or extensions (free or paid) that can be added to your shopify store, or resold, able to extend your store by integrating any external functionality.

These applications integrate 100% with the Shopify admin portal, and can be used to automate orders, carry out checks, or Secure your store, such as the Shopify Application for OTP Verification via SMS for Cash on Delivery orders. !

What are Shopify Applications

Shopify Apps, as mentioned above, are extensions that can help you add functionality of any kind to your shop built with Shopify.

For example, they can help you synchronize products with your management system, automate the shipment of orders, connect your shop to external sites, telegram bots, or, as in this case, protect your shop from fraudulent orders through OTP verification and various others. application filters.

There are a lot of applications available on the Shopify store, but many are not able to cover all the needs of your store.

That’s why AlexDev takes care of developing customized solutions suitable for each of your processes.

Shopify applications are also used as forms of monetization: It is in fact possible to release a Shopify application on the official store of the platform, with a cost per subscription, or per use.

Anyone can install the app and use it, upon payment (one-time, recurring, or based on usage).

Example of what the purchase page of a custom shopify application can look like
Example of what the purchase page of a custom shopify application can look like

How the Shopify App: OTP Verification works

The Shopify application for OTP verification (also called BETTERCOD) was created and designed for all stores that place orders with COD (Cash on Delivery) payment, or payment on delivery.

Malicious users, often competitors of shops, through the use of fake addresses and data, manage to falsify orders and make the shops that ship spend time and resources expecting payment, and instead seeing the package come back.

The system is also localized in both Italian and English.

For this reason the application was created, which carries out two main checks:

Phone Number Verification

In order to place the order, the user must verify his telephone number via SMS OTP (one-time password) containing a unique verification code.

This will ensure the existence of a telephone number associated with that user, adding a first level of protection to the system.

Example of the OTP verification page
Example of the OTP verification page

This SMS is sent using the TWILIO API, a popular system that allows you to send SMS automatically.

The user will then receive the code that he can enter on the site, his order will be confirmed and he will be immediately redirected to the Shopify order status page.

Advanced Protection System

The second impact function provided in the system is that of Profiling and Verifying users:

An advanced data collection and verification system allows us to understand when a user behaves in a “strange” way and could be considered malicious, according to the following parameters:

  • Geolocation of the IP and distance between the IP and the shipping address
  • Using the phone number on different accounts
  • Using email on different accounts
  • Recognition of the customer in past orders, to consider him a good payer or not (if he has many unpaid orders)
  • Many other recognition mechanics

This information will be combined with shopify’s automatic fraud analysis, and displayed in the customer portal.

Fraud risk analysis example
Fraud risk analysis example

How the Shopify Application: OTP Verification is used

For the shop owner, the use will be extremely simplified:

You will just have to install the application from the store, and everything else will be processed automatically.

The system will create the COD (Cash on Delivery) payment method in the store, and will create the tags shown on the orders page.

It will also create webhooks to notify new orders, and the OTP verification page.

The Owner will have access to a page where he can configure a personalized description for the OTP page, in order to provide the preferred message to his customers.

Configuration page for OTP verification + Subscription purchase proposal
Configuration page for OTP verification + Subscription purchase proposal

All other features will be visible and managed directly through the official Shopify order page

Shopify order management page
Shopify order management page

In fact, FLAGs (or Flags) will be added to this page if the order is to be considered fraudulent, visible as shown above in the “Advanced Protection System” section.

The ORDER TAGS will also be added:

  • SMS verified, representing orders that have performed the OTP verification via SMS
  • Not confirmed via OTP, representing unverified orders.

Administration panel

An advanced Administration Panel has been provided for system owners, which allows you to:

  • Access a quick statistics dashboard to know the progress of the app
  • Access and edit the user list with administrative access
  • View the list and details of stores with active subscription
  • Get the customer list of a specific store (or multiple stores)
  • Manage the order list of stores, with ID, verification, email and telephone used
  • View the OTP confirmations made through the system, and their cost on Twilio
  • Obtain the Risk Levels of orders

We will talk about this administrative panel in a dedicated article, subscribe to the newsletter to not miss it!

Have you understood our potential and are we in line with your needs?

The one described in this article is a tailor-made product for a customer, and if it has made you understand what we can do and you are interested in making YOUR CUSTOMIZED PRODUCT, contact us now!

You will receive the utmost professionalism and the best service, at a very low price!

In addition, the product described above is available FOR SALE offered by the owners!


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