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Follow Exchange Group Bot

The Follow Exchange Group Bot is the new frontier for Follow Exchange Bots, appled in the DX form

Seen the growing interest in Telegram Exchange Groups in DX form (where every user, to join the list, must engage with the preceding N users in the list), AlexDev evolved itself producing this advanced type of bot also in its Follow Form

Don’t know what a DX bot is? Check our DX Exchange Bots:

Instagram Followers are always one of the most checked numbers from companies and users to evaluate the reliability of a brand, or an influencer’s presence, so creating a Follow 4 Follow Exchange Group will guarantee an economic return in terms of premium users much higher than the Likes and Comments Groups.

Creating a Followers Exchange in Groups Community strong and personal will guarantee high quality followers and an active users exchange.

Here is an example of how the chat may appear in your follow exchange group
Here is an example of how the chat may appear in your follow exchange group


The main bot structure will be composed by 2 distinct parts:

  • The Private Chat, that is the chat between the Bot and a single user
  • The Group Chat, that is the chat where all your users will be

We are going to analyze each one of these sections in details later, but remember of course that it’s 100% customizable!


Inside the private chat of the bot we can insert a Welcome Message for the user, with a link to the group, or other features like external links, references and messages.

In this chat they will get the list of the profiles they have to follow (that can be customised) with an header and a button to go back to the group


Here is an example of how the chat may appear in your follow exchange group
Here is an example of how the chat may appear in your follow exchange group

The Group Chat will be the main bot structure, with a fancy and optimized look (100% customisable according to your needs and taste)

There will be the possibility to send Welcome Messages with auto-deletion, and to substitute the user’s drop with an improved bot message, that at the same time will confirm the drop and give simple access to the next user to the list through a button LIST that will guide them into the Private Bot Chat with the whole list of users they have to follow.

Inside the Group Chat the users won’t be able to send any message that doesn’t respect the simple format “@username” (representing the username that they want to insert in the list)

This restriction of course is not applied to the Group Administrators, that will be able to send anything they want


Joining the list for the users will be as easy as it can be:

After clicking the “LIST” button and following all the users they have to follow, they will just need to send their @username in the group, and the bot will start the checking procedure.

If they correctly followed all the profiles (we can of course insert a maximum tolerance of missed profiles), they will immediately be added to the list, and won’t have to do anything else!

From that moment on, the users that will join the list after them will see them in their “must follow” list


As an optional feature it will be possible to add an Unfollow Checking, that every N HOURS (for example every 1 hour, or 30 minutes) will check a random user in the list, and verify if he is still following all the users he should have followed when joining

In case he unfollowed someone, he will get a warning and a message containing the list of the missing users (reached X warnings he will be removed from the list).

This way you can guarantee to your users followers without unfollow!


The administrators of the group will have a list of Administration Commands they can use to entirely manage their own group in autonomous and functional way

  • /premium @username DATE, will make a TELEGRAM USER premium, so able to post without engaging with other profiles in the list (the same command executed on an existing premium user will remove him)
  • The DATE field will be optional, and will allow you to specify an expiration date for that premium user
  • /premiums, to get the list of all premium users with creation date and, if set, expiration date
  • /drop @username, to instantly drop an INSTAGRAM USER in the list without needing to engage
    • /drop@username 5 to publish an username 5 times in 5 different lists (5 is an example number, any number can be used)
    • /drop @username 10 DATE to publish an username 10 times in 10 different lists, but with an expiration on given date
  • /remove (in reply to a message) to remove a user from the list
  • /remove @username to remove all drops of a user from the list (and all preceding lists)
  • /warn @username o ID to warn a Telegram User
  • /unwarn @username o ID to remove a warn from a Telegram User

What are you waiting for to create your own Follow Exchange Group Bot?

Don’t waste any time, take the chance and create one with us!


📞 Telegram:@TheDevAle

👥 Group:@AlexDevGroup


🇬🇧 Channel:@AlexDev_EN

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