Sicurezza Server ed Aggiornamenti

Infrastructure and Security Update

To start the new year in the best possible way, the AlexDev team focused on carrying out an Infrastructure and Security Update, to ensure the highest quality and stability for all customers.

In the course of this update we have:

  • Carried out the periodic update of all the passwords of users with access to the databases, to protect us from any leaks
  • Updated database tables to be aligned with new Telegram updates, with IDs greater than 32 bits
  • Migrated numerous systems from the old Eindhoven infrastructure to the new Hetzner infrastructure
  • Integrated a new firewall and improved AntiDDoS protection
  • Updated the operating system of all machines, and the various software packages

This article will serve to briefly summarize all the changes, giving some details about the updates made

3D rendering of an advanced server room. Infrastructure and Security Update
3D rendering of an advanced server room.

Infrastructure and Security Update – Periodic Password Update

For some years we have adopted the practice of going to generate new random passwords (32 characters with lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols) for all users of our databases.

Each user has specific permissions and can only access their own database (usually one per bot).

We randomly change passwords manually periodically to ensure a higher level of increased security, able to protect the server in case of password leaks or internal flaws.

We also clean up unused users and secondary databases to remove any possible flaws.

This allows us to be able to dedicate ourselves 100% in development!

Password Security
Password Security

Infrastructure and Security Update – Telegram ID Update

As previously done for EngageBot.PRO and other systems, we have aligned all databases with the new Telegram ID structure (64 BIT).

This update required hundreds of hours of work by the entire team,

but it has made it possible to align all the systems, ensuring their continuity and functionality.

Telegram database update with 64 BIT ID
Telegram database update with 64 BIT ID

Infrastructure and Security Update – Migration from Dedicated Eindhoven to Hetzner

We have continued a migration process that began months ago, which saw the transfer from our old dedicated servers in Eindhoven (Netherlands) to the infrastructures of Hetzner, one of our main partners for hosting Virtual and Dedicated servers.

The systems affected by this migration are:

  • ThePhoneBot
  • GroupClonerBot Property
  • DropAutomator
  • EasyCash00 Method
  • Eureka
  • LaBottegaCinese
  • NoDB
  • AliColorate
  • ChannelToGroup Method
  • ForwardSponsor
  • NerdIPTV
  • ProtectGroup Property
  • LR Rules Manager
  • Rockstar Bio

And various other private systems

Have you understood our potential and are we in line with your needs?

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