DevLog Gennaio 2023

DevLog January 2023 – Big Updates and New Features

In this DevLog January 2023 we will discuss the major updates made in the past month within the Public or Standardized systems, dwelling on the current situation of the Scraping and Member Adding Bot and the new features introduced and coming soon to EngageBot.PRO.

As you know, we recently had to update our Pricing Scheme regarding all our services due to an increase in taxation.

However, we are deeply sorry that our Customers have to pay additional amounts that have no purpose (they will not be used to invest in new features or anything else, but only to pay the new fees)

Therefore, we have decided to invest a lot of our resources and time in developing new features and updates for our projects, which will be available to everyone free of charge, to cope with the high prices we have been forced to pay.

Website Restructuring and Lots of Speed!

AlexDev Logo Image - DevLog January 2023

We have spent some time restructuring our Web Site, integrating some information and improving the usability of some sections on both PC and Mobile.

The update that we hope is most appreciable and very noticeable concerns the Loading Speed of our website, which, thanks to a combination of Caching and Image Optimization, is now almost instantaneous.

We are also working on various updates regarding our CRM system, and Logos for our articles, thanks to the help of Team members.

Another obvious and hopefully appreciated update came just as this article was being written: A totally new look, with a dark theme and many more features!

The dark theme, combined with a new, cleaner design of our articles, will allow for easier and more immediate reading of all AlexDev news and projects!

EngageBot.PRO Updates – DevLog January 2023

During this month we initiated a major Sprint of updates for EngageBot.PRO, many requested by you within the official channel.

We managed to finish only a few (but significant) updates having started the sprint only in the last weeks of January, but we are sure you will find them useful and very interesting.

Would you like to propose updates? Open this article!

Peding List and Update Frequency

As previously announced within the Official EngageBot Channel (where we immediately communicate flash updates), we have restructured the operation of the EngageBot.PROPending List entirely.

Since its creation, EngageBot.PRO has integrated an innovative Pending List system, created to ensure that there was sufficient distance between Premium Photos (users who do not reciprocate interactions) and User Photos (regular users who must reciprocate interactions in order to post).

This waiting list, which exists for both Autodrop and Premium Manuals, has always ensured that the minimum distance is maintained, but it has always had a critical issue:

In order for engagebot to process the waiting list, and publish a photo from the list, it always required the presence of a user interaction within the group.

While this did not create problems with Manual posts (in that if a Manual premium got on the pending list, it was always due to lack of distance from the last premium), it did create some difficulties with the Autodrop, that are ALWAYS placed on a pending list before being published in the group, even in cases of minimum distance compliance.

Not anymore!

Since the last update, the waiting list is AUTOMATICALLY processed every 10 minutes, IN ADDITION TO each manual interaction! This way, Premium photos are now posted automatically, even without interactions in the group! (*always respecting your minimum distance settings!)

Blacklist tied to Instagram ID

Blacklist tied to Instagram ID

One of the updates requested by you that we have made during these weeks of work concerns an important change to the operation of the Blacklist.

Blacklisting is the feature that allows Administrators of groups to block certain instagram Usernames so that they cannot post their photos within the groups.

Some particularly malicious users, after receiving a blacklisted ban, change their instagram username in order to post within the group again.

From this update forward, the blacklist will also save the profile’s INSTAGRAM ID and not just its username, so the profile can be recognized even if the username is changed,

Blocking users who have not started the bot and Automatic Update

We have implemented another update requested by you recently: The ability to prevent a user from posting within the group if they have not initiated a private chat with the bot.

Why should I do that?

Private chat between user and bot is FUNDAMENTAL: Within such a chat, the user receives the list of photos he/she needs to interact with (if he/she does not have an active private chat with the bot, it means that he/she never got the list!) and, most importantly, he/she receives the list of missing photos if he/she had posted without properly interacting with the other photos in the list.

If the user has not initiated a private chat with the bot, they cannot receive messages in private, and as a result the error list would be lost and have to be regenerated (wasting an additional check).

In addition, having an active private chat with the user allows for periodic messaging, private notifications, and more!

New Setting within the Panel

New "Block sending messages if the user has not started the bot" setting.

Within the portal it will be possible to Enable or Disable this feature with a simple click, in the Errors and Messages section.

Customizable messages for the new error

New "Block posting if the user didn't start the bot" setting - Customizable Messages

It will be possible, as with all other features, to edit in detail the error message sent to the user should they try to post without having initiated a private chat, and the keyboard below that message

DevLog January 2023 – Billing and Tax Code.

Taxes and Invoices

We have updated our Billing Information management page, incorporating more accurate data validation, after realizing that some users are entering bogus or invalid data within the required fields.

We would like to point out that, as written in our Terms and Conditions, entering bogus data leads to IMMEDIATE TERMINATION of the account, as for us it results in the inability to issue a valid invoice, and forces us to chase the Customer in order to collect the real data.

This data is not disclosed in any way with third parties, except for Government Entities that require such data within the invoice that is issued electronically and immediately archived.

DevLog January 2023 – Systems Optimization and Private Member Update.

Telegram Private Members

We are also working to improve the control speed of EngageBot.PRO, as well as its accuracy. Through some improvements we were able to prevent the practice that some users were abusing to be able to post without reciprocating interactions, and we are working on the accuracy of controls by increasing our 1:1 interactions with Instagram.

Increasing interactions, however, increases system weight and response times, so a dedicated portion of the team is working on the “opposite” update, which instead increases system speed, to produce the most efficient and effective union possible.

AlexPay – Panel Update and New Server

Crypto Payments Solutions

AlexPay, our Cryptocurrency Payment Processor, received major security updates this month, as well as many updates designed to increase the speed of transaction recognition on the blockchain.

As for the user panel, on the other hand, we are working on a series of big updates that will allow you to autonomously and automatically log into the system, create your own store, and start receiving automated payments in Cryptocurrencies without added transaction fees and in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Before releasing it publicly though, our team wants to make sure that every feature is Safe and Functional, so it will take a few more months before the portal will be accessible to all users!

AlexApi starts to become a reality in this DevLog January 2023

AlexApi API System

After intense months of work, AlexApi, our very own API system, is almost ready to be released!

We will discuss the details of this system in a dedicated article, but to get a little preview, you can check out our Postman Documentation!

Our plan is to continue to introduce new API calls so that all of you can take advantage of our systems to implement your automated processes

Some of our APIs related to INSTAGRAM:

  • Instagram
    • Users
      • User Info
      • User Photos
      • User last photo
      • User first photo of today
      • Check whether a user is following another user
    • Photos
      • Photo Info
      • Number of hidden likes of a Photo
      • Check if a user has liked a photo
      • Check if a user has commented on a photo
      • Check last liked list of a photo

But you will not only find Instagram-related APIs within AlexApi, but APIs of all kinds!

Domains, VIES Verifications, Taxation, Tax Codes, Country Lists, Tobacco Prices, Geolocation, Proxies, Currency Conversion, and much more, all in one convenient portal!

All this with charts and much more!
All this with charts and much more!

New Antiflood System and Increased Security

One of the other projects we are working on is an Antiflood Databaseless System for our bots.

This system will protect EngageBot.PRO and all AlexDev projects from malicious users trying to damage performance by flooding messages and trying to overload the database

Scraping Bot and Adding Members

We are devoting a lot of time and resources to update our Scraping and Member Addition Bot, hard hit by the latest Telegram Updates

To date we have developed for over 300 working hours in this month alone to produce these updates, and we will continue until we find a stable and effective solution!

At the current stage, the system works properly, but with tremendous slowness caused by the rechecks that need to be done numerous times, and the creation of numbers is challenged by the fact that Telegram is automatically banning numerous virtual operators.

We will keep you updated!

Upgrade to Backup System and Conclusion DevLog January 2023

As a very last issue, we spent a few days improving our Backup system for all our SLA services to ensure better stability and security within the system.

With this last little update we conclude our (hopefully monthly) January 2023 DevLog and wish you all the best!

See you soon, AlexDev

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