📅 Last week(s) updates

📅 Last week(s) updates
Another good bunch of updates have been made during last weeks

🤖 Upgraded the “Ban Bots” feature
Now the check will be faster and more secure, and every bot that joins the group will be banned

💬 Improved Global Messages feature
The global messages page will now show a total count of the users that actually received the message (so the users that didn’t block the bot). If there is an error in the message, you will be able also to see it in details.

📊 Upgraded stats generation
Now the stats generation will have much more allocated memory, and will work much faster.

📣 Better Periodic Ads
We upgraded the periodic ads feature, to avoid double sendings or any error. It will also work much faster, and send exactly at 00.

🎟 New HELP page for tickets
A new help section has been created, where you can ask questions and request new features

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