EngageBot.PRO update | 04/05/2020

📆 Last Week Updates 📆

In the last week we worked on a lot of big and important updates, fixing some issues, and improving other sections of the panel and the bot.

📣 Slower “delete old messages” in the Global Ads feature

The bot sometimes was missing deleting messages, due to some Telegram Limitations The process will now run slightly slower (deleting 1 message every 0.2s) but much safer.

The delete old ads has also been improved, deleting first the “last sent” ads, and without any limit!

Changed “c.f.” in billing data for the Spanish and English view

Some users didn’t understand that SSN was only for European/Italian users, so we changed the message to make it easier to understand

⚠️ Remember that’s really important to insert real data! It’s mandatory, or you’ll get banned!

💬 Custom Keyboard for the “List sent in private chat” message that comes in the group

You can now set a custom keyboard for that message, that will be shown under it in the group! You can also disable it, to show only the text message

🌟 Custom Message sent in private chat to whitelisted users when they reached the daily drops limit

You can now set a 100% custom message to the whitelisted users when they reach their daily limit. This message can contain {DROPS} and {DIFF}, that will contain the number of daily drops and the time remaining until midnight (reset) {DROPS}{DIFF}

🗯 Updated global messages page

When selecting “send to all”, now the select input will be hidden, to avoid incomprehensions

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